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Underground hip hop with a distinct sound and words that actually mean something.
Motumbo is a solo project based out of rural Vermont. Based on the concept that true hip hop should have meaning, I write about whatever is on my mind at the time... which I promise will never be "gettin' hyphy in da club".
Band/artist history
There's not much to tell, I discovered I had a talent for writing and so I wrote some battle rhymes to get myself started and then took it to my perspective on things. My friend John came up with Motumbo and one song later, here I am. Nowhere.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Haha no, it's about as underground as it gets right now. Literally, as in I'm recording my shit using a laptop and an internet mic in my basement. We're not doing the live thing yet... maybe soon.
Your musical influences
Where to begin... Qwel and his Typical Cats, Slug, Blue Scholars, Del and Hieroglyphics... particularly this quote here from my favorite emcee, Qwel - "When I'm sitting here and it's just me writing in this book, and I'm just filtering stuff... I mean I do believe like, after I die, I'm gonna be called and judged. I'm gonna be judged on what I did here, and this rhyming being the most important thing that I did, I don't want God standing before me like 'Man, what the fuck were you talking about? What is this crap?' Like... Let me see your thong? It's getting hot in here, take off all your clothes? Man, if cats are listening to me I wanna say something important."
What equipment do you use?
You ready for this? A broken-ass Dell laptop missing half the keys, an internet mic I used to use during my Halo phase, some shitty Sony headphones and a copy of Mixcraft.
Anything else?
I am a skier.