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the Undergrounds Infamous Killaz
icp bone thugs music trip hop hip hop shaggy tech n9ne amb plc free rap hardcore juggalo abstract murder bush war iraq bin laden tool beck manson bundy fart kil
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shovel witness
the only beat i didnt produce. i got this beat for free. it said royalty free, so f*** it. i like the song alot. its actually the first we ever did.
We the people have all the political power to change the world....... unless we keep letting them take it from us.
Band/artist history
Jd Bundy aka tha rapist & Kryptik "cold blood tha mangla" make up the artistic side of their long-tome brotherhood of The Undergrounds infamous Killaz or better known as tha U.I.K. . jd and k have been working together for over six years, but never recorded a thing until 2007. they bought a used sony computer from a news paper, a 20 dollar mic, and a borrowed computer program and began recording "Prezidential addrezz". The 7 song original ep had an official street release of september 11th 2007. several copies of the album sold. U.I.K. used the money to upgrade their shit a little bit.... new computer,(top of the line) brand new mic's, a nice studio program(top of the line), and the mindstate got a lil' upgrade as well! now the u.i.k. is recording a full length lp titled "epitome", and is set to release in mid or late 2008. The also have several singles due to pop at any time......
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we'd fuckin love to, im trying like hell to throw any fuckin show together that i can! we'll do local, outta town, outta state, outta fuckin continent. shit, we'd play interplanetary if we could!
Your musical influences
psychopathic records, bone thugs n' harmony, eazy-e, tool, ac/dc, steve miller band, tech n9ne, charles manson, ted bundy, led zeppelin, wierd al, kneight riduz, dead prez, politics, penn and teller.
What equipment do you use?
behringer b2 pro mic w/behringer mic200 tube ultra preamp, sony acid pro, and a compaq presario.
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