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godzilla roar
godzilla roar
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a snake like living reptile 20 feet tall that destroys everything it comes in contact with but for the benefit of humanity.
andrew touch singer songwriter guitarist bass player with new 5 track demo all instruments record himself and songs writen as well pretty much bored of the music scene today wants to do his own thing and this is it these ruff demos and tracks are just a sample of the direction i would like to take.
Band/artist history
been playing since the age of 15 loads of bands ecc ecc.... check out the music it's nothing fancy but then again does the world or anybody out there deserve better? I mean i've been goin for years and i've lived off what i got but then again what have i really got not much and i'm gettin on everybody's got steady jobs and complaining about this or that and i'm still sending out demos at 35,does it really matter and does anybody really care in the end what goes on the airwawes but as soon as you say something about it something or someone kind of goes well who are you? and i say i'm a nobody and hay! they sure are doin' a good job of keeping me that way what do you think? any record companies offered you a big contract lately?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i play live all the time not with this band as yet, but with other tributes and people that kind of think that they are better than the original when the original should have been burried 20 years ago like yeah! all respect to all those great bands. you're great you know... but still it was 20 years ago and so why should everthing stop because you came along kind of thing and also because record companies have to create legends of everybody so they can make money from 60 year old farts,no offence intended but you know what i mean give someone else a shot,also people that have plastic surgery to look more like who ever it is they are immitating is kind of getting to me. is there more to life? or should i get a facial refix so that i can walk around being like i don't know cher,maybe?anyway yeah! i play live and am kind of tyred of doing covers fundamentally.
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
bass guitars ,amps, computers,guitars,and a beautiful gibson les paul burstbucker
Anything else?
reason for drums cubase to record that's it autotuner to make my voice sound like it's in tune just switch it on and go..it's great never hit a wrong note,that way everybody can sing and record company dudes know that and so they don't have to worry about talent.