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Mark Wilson acoustic folk singer songwriter from Kernersville North Carolina Mark Wilson acoustic folk singer songwriter from Kernersville North Carolina Mark
Welcome to the music of Mark Wilson. I write songs, play bass, sing, and lately... play a little fingerstyle guitar. I am also in the learning process of recording some of my songs (old and new). Hope to have some fun and create some worthwhile recordings. Best of all... "I'm gonna get by with a little help from my friends.'' So... just getting started here... more to come. A special thanks to Mike Shelton for lending his talent to this effort. His leadwork on dobro and guitar is featured on 'Take Me Back', and 'One More Reason'. Oh and one other thing. I don't have the time or intention to make this come out perfect. Hopefully, it's good enough to reward your time listening. Thanks, Mark Wilson K-Vegas, NC
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not any more. Been there done that. It's a young man's sport...
Your musical influences
The first album that I owned was James Taylor's 'Mud Slide Slim'. It was the only album I had for 6 months. I played that so much, I can still sing all the lines. It gave me a lasting appreciation for effective melody and harmony. If the lyrics are intriguing - then it's magical. Although I've worn out a few Lyle Lovett CD's, I've never considered myself a country songwriter. Ironically, the first song I record on my own is... well kinda country. I've always been drawn to the lyrics of country music, especially when painting the story of the life and stuggles of everyday American life. Melody, harmony, simple stories, and when I can.. a touch of blue. Yeah...
What equipment do you use?
Mark: Taylor 514, Alvarez jumbo 12, Fender basses and a Cajon that I've never played but looks cool in the corner. Recording: Yamaha AW1600 multitrack. Imported onto laptop using Reaper software and Focusrite firewire interface.
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