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Fallen Vegas
Fallen Vegas
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Visual lyrics and entrancing vocals is just the start to the bands unique melody. Followed by two complimenting and strong guitarist constantly pushing the limi
Fallen Vegas from Las Vegas, NV, is the most melodic, harmonal metal band to come out in ages. Combing sirenesque vocals and intelligent guitar riffs, Fallen Vegas has set themselves apart from the rest of the scene and is branching out both online and on the road with captivating songs, and a powerfull promotions engine within the band.
Band/artist history
One night some friends were hanging out at an apartment when Jimbo and some other people showed up. Dave was bored sitting around not knowing many of the people there. Jess ( road manager, original singer) asked Dave to play the guitar to show Jimbo and the others that he could play. After playing some original songs, Jimbo asked if he was in a band. Dave had recently quit playing in a band called F.Y.S. months earlier. After showing up at Jimbo and drummer Kevins house a tight friendship quickly solidified between them. They practiced everyday but felt they needed a different vocalist to round out their new sound. Dave had talked about his old singer in F.Y.S. being very unique and brought in an old demo for Kevin and Jimbo to listen to. After hearing only a few minutes of the song everyone decided that they wanted him to come into the fold. Jesses unmistakable voice made the sound of the band standout more so than anyone had imagined. After 3 months of constant practice in grueling conditions, they cut a very rough demo in their home. Soon after they played their first show to rave reviews. So with Jesse singing, Jimbo on bass, Kevin on drums and Dave pulling guitars duties, The Fallen continued playing almost every weekend for 4 months straight. Soon after Kevin decided he needed to move to Oklahoma to help his brother with his business. This was very hard for the band to deal with but, after taking time off and feeling like they needed to go in a new direction, they continued writing new material and preparing to start anew. Jesse found Nick on a local music web site while looking for a new drummer. They knew that a second guitar would enhance and thicken up the songs. Nick changed the sound of the band by adding the fullness they we were looking for. After teaching him the songs and writing new ones, 3 months go by. Nick had talked about this drummer he had played with that he wanted to bring in. After months of not being able to set something up, James was finally able to make it. Upon showing up, he said that he hadnt played in 3 months but, you could tell as soon as he started playing that he was what we were looking for. Soon after getting a set together the Fallen Vegas was born. They immediately started playing shows on the merit of their first demo. Lacking the quality of the new material the band was playing, they soon decided to record again but this time they planned to put out a quality recording that not many of the local acts had done. This Strive toward excellence has remained a part of their daily goal and is seen by anyone attending a live show. The Fallen Vegas have quickly become a major player in the local scene and will continue to do so in the National and International music community. www.fallenvegas.com www.Reverbnation.com/fallenvegas www.myspace.com/thefallenvegas
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Regionally in the west and south west, heavily in Las Vegas, NV.
Your musical influences
Great classic rock, Metal and New Metal.