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The Official Zay Zay
The Official Zay Zay
5 Tracks
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Do Dat Zay Zay {Dance}
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Its Over
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Zay Was Born in the chitown.At the age of 3 the younin picked up a basketball and knew it was destiny.He has been playing ever since.Growing up in a black community it is all about compitition,basketball and music is usually the only way teens and younger kids think they can get rich by doing. Zay had good grades ever since he was little becuase without the grades you cant hoop and his parent were very strict.Zay was a very confident child some people even say he can be conceited.At the age of 10 he got in a fight where he got jumped and it left him injured so he had about 6 months off basketball.So in his mind he was thinking his hooping dreams were over so then he got to the other top category in the community, music. He was not sure if he wanted to just sing or just rap so as of now he does both and get compliments on both.As of rap the is like Loso as of singing he is more of a chris brown singer. At the age of 15 He went to Highschool and it was one of the biggest steps he would ever take in his whole life. He started out his career at Rich Central then He got Transfered to lincoln way east. Freshmen year was a short fast paced year for him.After the school year summer came and it was the worst summer he had ever had in his life. July 16,11:37 pm he was walking down the streets of ford heights.Zay was with some people he usually doesnt hang around and then came the stupidest thing he had done in his life.The people was with went into a corner store and told Zay to wait outside.He did and less than 3 minutes later he comes his friends and the store owner running out shooting. He ran as fast as he could into the street so he can cross and be safe little as he known a truck was coming by and hit him on spot. He woke up in the hospital messed up. It has been 2 days since the accident and he finally awoke. Their was alot of thinking he had to do becuase if he didnt change now he would end up dead or in jail young. He cut off the braids and he had a whole new swag and way of thinking,he was done messing with those side street hoes. He is taking all his anger and using it through basketball and taking his thoughts and putting it into his music and now as a 16 year old 2 timing high school man we will see what happens next YA DIGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I Rap and Sing live and wherever im booked im there!!
Your musical influences
My Musical Influences has to be Jay-Z and no other..Next Question..
What equipment do you use?
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Anything else?
Watch out for the cd Zay Zay's Day...Go Cop That HomeBoy!!!
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