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marc fedak
lo fi garage rock, folk, and other
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awkward boogie
elegy for my back yard tree
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The songs on this site that I recorded last year were done on a rented Tascam 2400 digital recorder. The more recent songs from this year were recorded on a Mac using the Garageband program that usually comes with a Mac. Yes, they are lo-fi and there are sometimes synching issues (because of either my limited musicianship or because I was using the computer keyboard to play simulated drums instead of a MIDI keyboard or real drum kit), but in most cases they are close to how I envisioned the songs. It's quite fun playing a guitar or bass part on acoustic guitar and then adding the Garageband distortion, "Grunge" guitar amp simulator and/or Vocal Transformer effects to make it sound like an electric guitar or bass.
Band/artist history
Born Mar. 19, 1963 in Windsor Ontario. I now reside in East York/Toronto. I occasionally play gigs in the Toronto area with my garage rock/alt folk band Spacecraft 7. From around 2001 to 2007, I also played in a country band called the Wanted, and from 2005 - 2008, I played in an alt pop band called Yolassi.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to to play on my own a few years ago, but not anymore, partly because I'm not really an extrovert. Now I occasionally play in a Toronto garage rock/alt folk band Spacecraft 7. From around 2001 to 2007, I also played in a country band called the Wanted, and from 2005 - 2008, I played rhythm mandolin in an alt pop band called Yolassi. Special moments: most Spacecraft 7 shows, a Yolassi gig which was attended by some children who actually thanked us after the gig; Port Perry fair and Hart House gigs with the Wanted; gigs with Groundwater, Rump Rangers, Screaming Daisies, and the Prehistoric Cavestrokers (excluding our very first gig at the U of Windsor, three days after we formed, where we got gonged not once, but twice -- on my birthday no less!).
Your musical influences
60s (hendrix, cream, yardbirds, pink floyd, who, nice, iggy and the stooges, moody blues, crazy world of arthur brown), brian eno, robert fripp/king crimson, elo/the move, sonic youth, buzzcocks, dead kennedies, world music, contemporary classical, free jazz, etc. etc.
What equipment do you use?
Tascam 2400 digital recorder (last year) or Macbook/Garageband (this year), Shure SM57 mike, Tascam US 144 interface, Yamaha classical guitar, with pickup (or my Harmony Gibson copy electric guitar and Cort bass) and sundry implements and found objects.
Anything else?
Some of these songs are likely to be picked up by Spacecraft 7 and rocked up a fair bit. I'd also be open to other musicians recording them (as long as they get a mechanical license from me and credit me as the songwriter).
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