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Anne Brown and Heather Enid Wells
Anne Brown and Heather Enid Wells
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Overseas collaboration between singer-songwriter and instrumentalist-songwriter
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A collaboration between singer-songwriter Anne Brown, of the Netherlands, and myself, songwriter-bassist-guitarist Heather Enid Wells, from Norwich in England.
Band/artist history
Anne and I have never met but when I heard her recordings on MySpace I so admired her singing, which is as good as anyone I've ever heard anywhere - including all the big names, that I wrote to her to say so. She kindly said how much she liked a song I'd written and it seemed a good idea for her to sing it. I sent recordings of my backing tracks to the Aqua8 Studios in Holland and Anne recorded her vocals over them, engineered by her brother Lennard. I'm knocked out with the result and hope SoundClick listeners will be too.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not together
Your musical influences
Anne's are Everything But The Girl, Patti Cathcart, Sade, Eva Cassidy, Lisa Stansfield, Karen Carpenter, Ella Fitzgerald, Rita Reys, Bonnie Raitt, Chrissy Hynde, Daniel Bedingfield, Wilson Phillips, The Beatles, James Taylor, Dave Brubeck, George Gershwin, Burt Bacharach and many more.... Mine are given on my solo page here on SoundClick
What equipment do you use?
Parker Fly Classic electric guitar Iceni 5-string fretless single bass Anne - her voice!
Anything else?