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Europica: Bassplayer and composer.
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30 songs
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Loves Embrace (Bansuri & Tampura)
A Flute and drone version of a tune I wrote in 2008. Moi on Flute and a sample of the Tampura drone.
#13 in World General
Alaap In E
A slow meditative piece. Calming, peaceful and relaxing
Tabla rhythms, bansuri flute and violin, with a pad underneath it all. Done with a synth called Garritan World Instruments.
Keeper Of Hearts
The Bansuri, a haunting Indian flute and the Sarangi playing a duet. With a sitar solo in the breakdown. Lots of tabla and other eastern percussion, and a modern synth pad for some contrast.
All In You
Miche Fambro: Vocals, Guitars, Production. Laurie Holden: Sax. Fred E Jam: Drums. Myself on Bass, Piano & Lyrics.
Medley Mash Up Mix
Peter Romanowski is the man behind Europica. A bassplayer from Bedford, England. After some years of playing in a few bands in and around his home town he decided to start making some of his own music. Here you'll find mostly reggae and a few other genres. Also, due to the wonders of the net he has played bass on other artists songs and gained a lot of musical satisfaction from it. A few of these collaborative genres include, Blues, Rock Ballad, Pop and Country.
Band/artist history
Metal Ryders of the Surf or was it Ryders of the Metal Surf. I forget LOL. A rock band playing our own tunes around Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire UK in the 1980's. Our claim to fame was having our gigs plugged by John Peel on his show. The Nightshift, playing rock and blues in a sunny corner of Bedfordshire. The 90's saw me forming a band with friends. "Handy" was a covers band, playing rock and blues. My last band's name came from a Daffy Duck cartoon. "Chicken Inspectors".By far the most successful. At our busiest time we were playing four gigs a week as well as holding down our fulltime jobs. Our highlight was playing at the Bedfordshire Millennium Festival.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live before but not performing these songs. That! I would really like to do.
Your musical influences
Sly and Robie, Scientist, King Tubby, Bob Marley, DJ Tiesto,Moby, Scooter, Jaco Pastorious, I could go on and on.
What equipment do you use?
My Bass, Bass Pod, Laney BC120 amp. Shure SM58 Micophone. PC running Cubase and Halion sampler with assorted softsynths. JBL SLR 25p monitors.
Anything else?
I used to go and see a lot of bands in the late 70's and 80's at the Lyceum Ballroom in London. They'd have three or four bands in one night. Between the bands setting up the house DJ used to play beautiful dub. That's where I fell in love with the sound of the bass and decided to take it up.
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Very Good.
great tune
This Percussion sounds typical Indian for sure, the sound, the instrument & the rhythm. Together with other instruments they serve the basic atmosphere for transitional Indian music. However, the melody sounds more Arabian to me; not only that Arab scales were used, but also the way each part was built. It is amazing that it was possible to draw a background melody to go in harmony with the main theme.. fantastic work altogether.
Magical tropical sounds taking us back to nature .. Sitar, flute, drums & melody all digging well into originality. The whole picture reflects having good grip on music of whatever nature or style.. really enjoyable Ousama, EG Music
Great bass line, beautiful vocals and awesome music. Thank you ever so much for your kind rating and message....I am honored, as you are a great Artist!!!!!
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