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3G's Records
3G's Records
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3G's Records, 3G's Productions, Bank-Roll, DP, Teddy P, Kilo, Beats, Producers, music, rap, hip hop, r&b
3G's Records is an independent record label that offers artists, songwriters, and producers coverage in the music industry. The company started out as 3G's Productions; however, in 2007 later became 3G's Records, due to local artists not achiving success in the music industry. 3G's Records offers a wide range of services from production to marketing and sales. 3G's Records also scouts out and promoters artists with the talent for a successful music career in today's music industry. Our business structure includes as follows: business affairs, accounting, marketing, A&R, production, creative services, publicity, radio and internet promotion, artist development, and publisher and songrights. 3G's Records works with digital distribution as well. Here are the following companies/corporations: Apple iTunes Store Napster RHAPSODY (Real Networks, numerous cobrands) MusicMatch (includes Dell) Liquid Digital Media (includes Wal-Mart, Tower, Music Rebellion, more) Starbucks (in-store kiosks) Wippit (UK) MusicStream MusicNow (FullAudio) Audio Lunchbox MusicNet (includes Virgin & AOL) Big Pond (Australia) DestraMusic.com DownRip Ecast (digital jukeboxes) DownloadPunk.com Microsoft MSN Store Sony Connect Ruckus Network (College subscriptions) Cable & Wireless Download Service (UK) Playlouder (UK) Telstra (Big Pond) (Australia) Loudeye (ATT Wireless, various others) For-side.com (ringtones) DJ Express Streetforward.com iPlay (Poland) LatinCool Touchtunes Downrip OD2 (UK) (Peter Gabriel's company) (MyCokeMusic.com, HMV) Purefunes/Moonfaxi (Canada) Soundbuzz (Asia) Emusic Emepe3.com (latin market) Mix & Burn (retail kiosks) BeafPort Wippif Dancefracks.com BuyMusic.com Futurefrax Streamwaves Amazon.com Dotmusic (British Telecom) Vitaminic (Europe) WebListen (Italy) Ministry of Sound Digital Music Initiative, Inc. (Japan) BPOD (cell phones) Virgin Mobile Playittonight.com Ambient.us FNAC (largest French Retailer) Passalong (eBay, P2P Revolution) iMusica (biggest in Latin America) iMusic (biggest in Italy) Dwango (mobile) Ztango (mobile) Futuretrax.net Snocap (P2P) Clickgroove (UK) 24-7 Music Shop (Europe, Tesco) Karma Download (UK) Puretracks/Moontaxi (Canada) Live 365 (radio) Touchtunes (mobile, jukeboxes) Touchstand (retail kiosks) Mix & Burn (retail kiosks) BeatPort (Electronic, dance, hip hop) Bold Soul (Urban, hip hop) iSound Dancetracks.com Calabash (world music) LatinCool (latin, jazz) Trackitdown.net (dance) Chondo (World Music) True Independent MyMPO.com Ales Music (Korea) Faith (Asia) (mobile) Faith West (mobile) Zingy (mobile) Hudson Entertainment (mobile) Blister Entertainment (mobile) M-Qube (mobile) Infospace (mobile) MTV.com (US) Goldmic (Hip-Hop only) Bluestime (Blues only) PlayLouder (UK) Music Air (Japan) DJ Express Streetforward.com Playittonight.com Noyz (UK Indie) Muzak Stompy Wisefly Melodio Musiwave (mobile) Mobile Streams (mobile) 123 Multimedia (mobile) Burn-a-Song (kiosks) Virtual Music Stores (kiosks) Inspired Broadcast Networks (UK)(kiosks) Quios (mobile) MadeinMusic.com 9 Squared (mobile) Comverse (mobile) Versaly(mobile) wMode (mobile) Blister (mobile) Blue Frog (mobile) Streamwaves Peer Impact Cdigix Weedshare Uploud.com DigiRAMA (New Zealand) Dotmusic (British Telecom) Vitaminic (Europe) WebListen (Italy) Digital Music Initiative, Inc. (Japan) BPOD (cell phones) Ambient.us MSN Music Club Wanadoo MyCokeMusic Packard Bell HMV Tiscali Ministry of Sound Virgin NTL Blueyonder GWR Big Noise Music Alapage.com Cora NC Numericable kontor.cc Karstadt WOM Download Mediamarket (hotvision.de) Prisacom Portugal Telecom X-Tazee directmedia.ch MyCokeMusic Swiss USArtPhone AonMusicdownload musiczone AT Home Entertainment AB Isle Media musiczone NL Download.nl Music Stream Eircom Tonlist TDC Mobitel Planet 9 Belgacom Ninemsn touchmedia.com peerimpact.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are located in Clarksville, TN and the Fort Campbell area.
What equipment do you use?
Protools LE, Acid Pro, Reason, Ozone,etc. 2 audiotech condenser microphones,2 SM 57 Edirol Monitors, Mbox2 for the Mac setup Edirol usb audio capture for pc