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Sprilla tha Track Killa
Sprilla tha Track Killa
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High Engery Producer willing to work with anybody!
What is it that defines a great producer? Is it one's ability to get a crowd moving from a simple melody, layered over a hot drum and percussions loop? Or is it one's ability to still produce hit records, one after the other? Even more importantly, what is a great producer? One word. Sprilla. What good people,my name is Arnell aka Sprilla the track killa and I make Beats. I live in Melbourne, Australia, but have lived in the USA previously. Ive been producing beats for 2 years now (2006-2008), ever since i was introduced to it by a very good friend of mine. Like many other composers out there, i use FL Studio 7, along with various plugins and VST's. I dont have a particular style that i lean towards, just know im a very very versitile producer. I've hit the local hip hop and mixtape scene hard down in Australia, and am now looking to extend my talent further. I love what i do, simply because i have a love for music, not just hip hop, and see it as a way of expressing myself. I have beats for sale too, if u hear anything you like, holla at me at aomanyo@yahoo.com.au and we can talk business.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm a producer...i produce....not play live. sorry :D
Your musical influences
I'm heavyly influenced by Focus, Teen of Crunk's Lil' A, Bryan Michael Cox, Timberland, The Runners, Cool & Dre, Alchemist plus many more who deserve to be mentioned. Despite this, i still hav my own style and unique sound.
What equipment do you use?
MPC-800, an Edirol pcr-500 midi controller, and various software programs such as the Steinberg Hypersonic, and Sampletank