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we are super vicious juggernaught warlord titans of the rap game, 703 va omen, mdeezie and ceez are redzone. give us a listen!
RedZone is omen, mdz, and ceez. artists based out of north VA, focused on destroying microphones in any genre of hip hop they choose... redzone defines the complete opposite of the pop based, snap and lean, wiggle-hop, talentless garbagio you will currently hear on your radio dials. instead they take the approach of writing complex syllabols, witty wordplay, real life situations... fantasies... and frankly.. just shit that will make you laugh. redzone has an obsession of drug usage, weapons, sex, midgits, death, disrespecting women, hacking, cutting, shooting, midgits, satan, peeping, fecal matter, driving under the influence, midgits, and rainbows... and many listeners have been lead to murder their families, catch their neighbors pets on fire, rape, maime, commit the act of heimen burlary, overdose, steal vehicles of the authority, jump off cliffs, admitt themselves into psych wards, buy a midgit, worship the devil, poop in friends shoes so when they put their feet in it becomes squishy and stinky and funny to watch. masturbate frequently. and also enjoy a nice rainbow.. LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes.... birthdays- $200 botmitsfa's- $300 funerals- $400 your pal rons wedding- (free for you ;) but dont tell anybody
Your musical influences
tech n9ne,big l, wu tang, biggie, copywrite, mobb deep, atmosphere, boot camp clik, lil wayne, gym class heroes, sublime, jay-z, bone thugs, cam'ron, j.r writer, juelz santana, cannibal ox, jedi mind tricks, celph titled, apathy, cage, redman,immortal technique, styles p, eminem, jadakiss, 50 cent, lloyd banks, tony yayo, three 6 mafia, kanye west, twiztid, del, cassidy, ludacris, dead prez, fuck it too many to name.
What equipment do you use?
popsickle sticks, dry macaroni, glue and sparkles
Anything else?
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