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the darkest and most horrific trip into the otherside you'll ever take
The winds of change have risen and mutations come through the destruction of old cellular tissue to bring new life forth from the decay. What has risen from these ashes like a legendary phoenix you may ask? The answer is simple. A new sound in terror. A place where monsters roam the land and the things that go bump in the night are always out watching you. Make sure you proceed with caution while walking these blocks of cracked concrete over run with abandoned houses and mangled lifeless trees. The full moon has risen and the howls are no longer in the distance. It's that time again when the dead rise from their slumber and bonfires burn brightly in the country side. Jackolanterns glow in the night while black cats perch on crooked fences watching you with glowing eyes. The time has come for SAMHEIN.
Band/artist history
i started out with music at a really young age. ever since i was basically able to walk and talk i wanted to make music. i used to sing and mess around with rap all the time when i was little. as i got older i was in a few bands over the years and then started rapping seriously when i was about 13. i didn't want to be like everyone else and i always pulled my own emotions and likes into my music. that's how my dark style of twisted horror rap was born. i didn't want to follow the styles of other horror greats like the misfits, icp, house of krazees, twiztid or esham. they are all huge influences obviously but horror and darkness were always in my blood from day one. i went out and bought a 4 track and a cheap radio shack mic when i was 14 and started recording little demo tapes for friends. when i was almost 15 i started a horror rap trio with two of my freinds. we were the Chronic Killaz. the group consisted of myself aka Psychopath A at the time, my friend Jarrod aka Kreecha, and our friend Scott aka Derranged. we did a lot of basic horror rap songs but always had a slight twist of our own on it. Scott added a little gangster sound, Jarrod added a little story telling, and I added a little depth and haunting vibes to our mix. we lasted about 3 years then at 17 i began rapping on my own as Casper and the legacy began. i try to make music from the heart be it deep, dark, frightening, weird, funny, or just all out insane. my main goal is to bring music back to an artform. no more cookie cutter copy shit and no more songs about something that has no vision. i may rap about ghosts, demons, murder, and other horror topics but i do so in a story telling way. many people have told me when they listen they can see my lyrics play out like a film in their minds. that's my goal to have the listener see what i speak and have it mean something special and different to each person. from day one that's what i wanted to do and here i am trying my fucking hardest to do it with a haunting beauty that hasn't been seen in music for decades.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
anywhere and anytime
Your musical influences
HALLOWEEN, insane clown posse, twiztid, dark lotus, house of krazees, esham, 2 krazie devils, the misfits, calabrese, blitzkid, horror movies, urban legends, ghost stories, my own insanity, my nightmares and the ghosts and demons that haunt me, cemeteries, insane asylums, my little cemetery girl, etc.
What equipment do you use?
I'm constantly updating my home studio euqipment
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Highlights / Drake Type Beat (2 For 1)
Dojo (124 BPM)