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The Serendipitous Cacophonies
The Serendipitous Cacophonies
Band members: me and my synth. Band blog (in portuguese!) at:
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
No. I only play at home, alone. (From the MySpace site:) "Alone at home, me and my synth, improvising. Discovering true freedom through music creation, only to find out that freedom requires time. I do not have time, so I compromise: I develop songs by serendipity, slowly, without stress. It may take a lifetime. Meanwhile, the songs are incomplete by definition, I will improve them when I can. They are seeds of possible music, in the process of growing, eventually into large trees, branching to reach interesting musical places. Anyone can help, developing a branch in any direction, with total freedom, independently. Mmmm... "Social music", what's that?"
Your musical influences
Too many to mention. Examples are (no particular order): Air, Go-Betweens, Sufjan Stevens, Badly Drawn Boy, Beck, Sigur Ros, Divine Comedy, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Carlos Paredes, Eels, Virginia Astley, R.E.M., Tindersticks, Bjork, Felt, Feelies, Radiohead, Magazine, Wim Mertens, Bill Nelson, Young Marble Giants, Lou Reed, Elliot Smith, Julian Cope, Nick Cave, Bowie, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, John Cale, etc etc...
What equipment do you use?
Roland Fantom Fa-76.
Anything else?
All my songs are eternally unfinished. They should evolve. In the future, I hope to improve them and create different versions, if I find the time. I encourage everyone to do the same with my material (I give everything: MIDI, SVQ files, etc): I invite everyone to destroy my songs and build something new from the leftovers. Songs are ideas, and ideas should evolve. Besides, it's impossible to find all the good sound combinations for a certain song, there are too many! The field of exploration is so immense, I need help!