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I despise tiny elephants that get stuck in my shoes and between my teeth, do you want to go out with me? what about money hey, how funny is money? it even rhyme
Hi! Our music is available on www.music.cuchulaincoker.info be happy! Welcome! Salutations! Exclamations! Points! hey my dimmies, our full name is Okiniirino Onaka Bando vs. Onaka's Band it means a great and wonderfull thing in japanese. we are also the Descendants of the Firstborn Cell please look at their page on soundclick aswell, also check out: matts little brother, and nothroughroad and 5NYTK (5!NYTK). Onegaishimasu! Namaste! we live in australia but once lived in the terrible north where things are different. i like you.
Band/artist history
i was born in a small mountain town in california, there were complications at my birth but i survived. i broke a coffee table with a trumpet, then i moved to Wisconsin, i rode in the back of a moving truck even though it was illegal. We ran into a motel, oops! after being lonely, i had good friends but the teachers thought i was big trouble. then i fell in love and she asked me out and i said no and moved to Syracuse, New York. This town is funny, it likes to have dark people on one side of town and pale people on another and in-between people on another. too bad really, it has some beautifull people and very good food. my dad got too smart and they fired him, so we moved to australia where they'll never find out, hee hee. Now i'm here, and you're there.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we are very complicated and play with sometimes and always and never. we like you too.
Your musical influences
the years 1103-1378 & 1932, Dukes of the Stratosphere, they might be giants, descendants of the firstborn cell, 5!NYTK, 5nytk, New Zealand noise bands, minicon, pussy cannibal holocaust, matts little brother, nothroughroad, home for the def, baterz, bikini kill, the sound of mercy killing, wagons, dolly parton, ice-t, the theme to ghost busters, gill-scott heron, underwear, hakuna matata, evil weirder, the movement of the planets and stars, all the idiot guides, the expression "fully sick mate!" and mummy and daddy and sis's and bro's and dying unexpectedly, music, onaka
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
up Word! thanks ya'll ofr ck'n it out! remember the capital of Djibouti is Djibouti. peace ephermones, peace.
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