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RitZ from Runnin' Records
RitZ from Runnin' Records
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Adrenaline fueled controversy at it's finest. RitZ mixes Nursery Rhymes with a sadistic twist, but can make you rethink vital issues at the same time.
RitZ is the fastest up and coming rapper from Michigan to be hitting the rap scene. Major artists such as Snoop Dogg, Petey Pablo, JT The Bigga Figga and G Bundles have listened to, bumped and promoted RitZ's music. From labels like Jive, Power Moves and Doggy Style looking at him, best believe He will be blowing up in no time.
Band/artist history
RitZ first entered the rap scene in late 1999 as a 14 year old Christian Rapper. The then spelled RtZ, having the 'T' in the middle stand alone to represent a cross, was into an entire different genre altogether. However, like it often does, life happened. Circumstances made him stop looking up for answers and look within. This is when the change happened in late 2005. RtZ then put an 'I' in his name to signify that the game was no longer about God and faith alone, but about his own survival. --------------------- "I felt it coming for a long time; I remember battling inner demons trying to hold on to a faith that was no longer there. I think I was more scared of peoples reactions, like, 'Wow, Dustin's not a Holy Roller now? Then what is he?' because thats what I was known for, if I wasnt know for that, what would I be known for?" --------------------- RitZ stayed out of the music scene while he tried to find himself in this new world he entered. --------------------- "It was scary, Ive been holding myself in these shackles for so long, disciplining myself against the 'evils of the world' that when I finally let myself out I didnt know what to do, I had no rules anymore. No moral guideline to follow." --------------------- So in came the alcohol and everything drug use; yet he still he wasnt sure how to proceed with his music. --------------------- "I wrote my first song loosely about my new experiences in the world outside of church which was 'Cum Ohn Everybody'. And people responded good to it, so I then wrote a few more songs along those same lines, 'Here Ya Go' and 'Friends'. And people ate em up, so I found my niche." --------------------- But with this new music, in came the expected haters and critics. Constant accusations saying that RitZ purposefully was trying to sound like Eminem started to eat at him. --------------------- "There was already an Eminem, already a Bubba Sparxxx and Paul Wall; they had the white rap scene tight. Now, I got nothing but the utmost respect for them, but I felt anger at all of them. I'd get people, sometimes people I thought would support me saying that my voice sounded too much like Em's. People would say I look like Em in certain pictures on purpose and shit, say I look like Paul. So I wrote a Mixtape song to Shady's 'When I'm Gone', which I did to make a point that maybe I have a sound similar to him, but Im also my own artist. I have my own lyrical style and feelings. Me and him lived completely opposite lives, and we both have things to say, but Im not trying to be like him to get famous quick." --------------------- Curious at what close friends and family would say when they heard the new Music, RitZ finally allowed his mom, which is his closest friend; listen to 'Cum Ohn Everybody' --------------------- "(Ha, Ha!) I knew what she'd say before hand, but to be honest she really liked it. She disapproved of all the sexual references and profanity, but she understands my music isnt all serious, its not a narration of what Ive done or what I will do, its about saying whats on my mind, getting things off my chest. I havent done 90% of what I say Ive done in my songs. when I sit down and begin to write a song, Ill write a verse six or seven times because each time I get done Ill read through it, and until I make myself laugh or make myself wonder what the fuck is wrong with me Ill always try to make the most weirdest, sickest lyrics I possibly can. Because frankly I just like to make people raise their eyebrows and shake their head shamefully." --------------------- Currently RitZ is in the studio re-doing his freshman album "The Asylum LP". Also RitZ is a featured artist on the T.I. Album "Don't Get Me Wrong". So cop that in stores SOON!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do, but only a few shows are in the lineup.
Your musical influences
Anything from Dashboard Confessional to Beastie Boys, from John Reuben to Metallica. I take influence from any and all artists.
What equipment do you use?
I use a lot, hard to list them all.
Anything else?
Whatever you need to know, ask.
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