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Jellytight and Greene Street
Jellytight and Greene Street
4 Tracks
Whats the buisness this Jelly Tight all in ya ear and we bout to blow the roof off the rap game. Best believe We the crunkest group out now. So any where you see the name Jelly Tight, please believe its gonna be pure fire.The group consist of many members such as Donna, Cali, Lord Shank, Venom, Feddy, Lil Ru, Lil Pimp, KB and many more. Jellytight was formed in the gutter of South Carolina With hard hitting beats and straight from the street lyrics, Jelly tight is nothing but the truth. The song list range from fight anthems like "Hood Hard" to telling the struggles of Greene Street on"Never Say Never" Now sit back et ready get this bitch crunk and THATS DA MOTHAF***IN BUISNESS BIAAATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Band/artist history
Forget the History its all about the future baby, and we rolling full speed ahead with it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah we do shows at local clubs and concerts we stay on the grind all the time.
Your musical influences
Our own lives, Drug dealers, Hustlers on the corner, The crack feinds on the street, Our family, The few we trust, The haters, The Gangstas, Our Elders, We do this for all those who don't and do believe. But we gone be here no matter what so get get use to it and thats the buisness
What equipment do you use?
A Mic thats all we need
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