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CuzN Lil Baby
CuzN Lil Baby
2 Tracks
Hip-Hop artist, not just one specific kind of hip-hop but a lot of the hip-hop styles, but mostly new school get crunk hits.
See Ya Later Alligator
Peak in sub-genre #68
Act'n Bad
Peak in sub-genre #75
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No! I haven't did any live shows yet. I been to busy getting my new mix-tape ready to hit the streets, but I will giving live performances during the year of 08. I don't really know where yet. My label hasn't really decided a place, but I will keep ya posted on the 411.
Your musical influences
I'll put it like this "money, money, and moe money". That's all the influence I need! That gets me motivated by itself.
What equipment do you use?
Standard studio equipment of course. Its one thing if an artists can't rap, but its another if you can't rap and your audio engineering sounds like crap.
Anything else?
I just hope everybody is gettin ready to see me rise to the top. Because I promise I'm coming to get mine. I got a dream and a lot of determination to make it happen, plus the flow comes automatic. So no matter what obstacles or road blocks cross my path to platinum I will overcome the struggle and turn my dream into a reality!