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The Killer Pandas
The Killer Pandas
Planet Treasure Island, CA  USA
December 31, 2007
1,173 plays
Busses, BARTS, bars, streets, forests, fields, beaches, islands, river beds, abandoned buildings, dumpsters, and parks are the natural environment for these wild animals as they are always in search of usable garbage and dead animals for "art" and taxidermy projects. They look like hobos and have hand painted clothing to avoid being asked for money. They perform while walking miles around the city on "love walks", rocking people out on street corners and always finding time for the cigarette smoking crowds outside. This has allowed them to meet some of the most interesting (and totally fried) people to ever wander the streets of San Francisco. They even play WHILE skateboarding, hiking, riding bikes, and trudging around sketchy areas late night while drunk as hell, freestylin' with people who would normally try to rob them. As with all urban legends, they are ghosts to the clean shaven masses. And there is no end in sight. Records, paintings, Zines, sculptures, clothing, videos, photos, politics, writing, animal care, bicycle repair, gardening, cleaning up their filthy island habitat; you name it, and they do it. Cody personally has twice as many paintings as can possibly be hung in their ENTIRE domicile. Matt has spent about 8 weeks, of 60 hour plus weeks, editing music and videos in the last 6 months....... What's next?? Beer making, spacecraft design, a record label, amateur surgery, inventing their own language, an ice cream tricycle, "disappearing" in The Netherlands, sobriety, a home made sail boat, a biofuel camper, a novel, running for mayor, prison tattoos, actually GRADUATING college, more misadventures in taxidermy?? Who knows.....
Band/artist history
Cody Krueger and Matt Kane began artistic/musical collaborations in 2003 in Reno, the drunkest little city in the world. There they began using and abusing every aspect of visual, musical, and poetic normality. Each having formed or joined several other various bands of gyspys around GVille, Tahoe, Reno (NV), Olympia (WA), and the Hudson Valley (NY), as well as performing and recording as solo artists and with their brothers. They just like to play and play hard, anywhere and anytime, in any state of mind function. After much running about the west coast, Matt FINALLY caught up with Cody on Treasure Island where they continually build and re-build The Apple Observatory (The Killer Panda "den of creation"), shout out to Oakland, and make more music than ya'll can possibly handle.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We're usually around Treasure Island, San Francisco, Tahoe, or Reno.
Your musical influences
love, lucid thoughts expressed through open minds, experimental acoustic inventions in space/time formats with utter instant deadlines of importance to the apple observatory, guitar like strings, pirates AND parrots, shakes, drums, tapes of magnetic fury, flute like vibration, bicycles, virgin flourescence, sunshine, recycling, exploration of the unknown, skateboards, keys, paint, bunnies, machetes, institutional mustard, bums, dead things, visual masterminds of audio replications, dumpsters and the treasures within, face protectors, leopard slug sex.com, electric sex vehicles, alcoholic mindfog alteration of reality gone tainted with wine paint stain, batteries, harmonicas, morse code, mindbeats, mouthbands, street clowns, give me a dollar, Oakland, islands of treasure, fuzzy screens from drying machines, sunglass stencil face, crack, smelly towns, dirt, Muni 108, gypsy hackysack campouts, carnivorous pandas let loose upon humanity, grass stains, wet pavement on an early morning, sweet art buttons, crap we find on the streets, pain, injustice, fluid flowing flows of the flowiest fluid flingable, fungus, king crab migration patterns, the sticky stuff on the sidewalks by the bus stop, cash only transactions, work schedules, etc...
What equipment do you use?
whatever we can get.. loving the Boss/Roland products these days
Anything else?
for more madness check out myspace.com/thekillerpandas, jamwave.com/thekillerpandas, youtube.com/thekillerpandas, myspace.com/mattkanelovesyou, myspace.com/themerrygoroundman, jamwave.com/mattkanelovesyou, soundclick.com/mattkane, soundclick.com/morsecosmos, soundclick.com/intellectrical
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