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4 Xornerz Xrozz'd Ent
4 Xornerz Xrozz'd Ent
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47 Tracks
I Am the CEO/Founder of 4 Xornerz Xrozz Ent./ Sacramento Native American/ Mexican American. Which I would call a Hybrid or Mexdian, I'm known as Mr. Tu-Tone cam
01* Messiah Feat Tu-Tone R3D Mizz G and Gelly
What you Stressing For
Peak position #70
Gasolined the Earth All Tribal anthem Feat Anceste
Peak position #15
this is real rap 56403
Knowing whats Real
Raise in North Highlands CA. this young artist has the native tongue twist of a certified mixologist. Independent artist who is trying to establish 4 Xorner Xrozz Ent. and bring the music to all genres and all levels. My Smooth BattleZone album was my first nothing mainstream My cousin Put my songs onto billboards evalution charting list 2 songs hit top 5 on billboards and 5 in all made top ten. Even though that was not an official status it was good to know where I stand. Right now United with many local Sacramento artist is coming to a near finish to this years New Album. 2011 is fenna see the real Tu-Tone 2/11K God ble
Band/artist history
History is history, For This Artist had been here for a while, Misguided an mislead to self destruct, as well as placed and positions to be laid with the last outfit, obstacles and temptations in the world of 3d Blasphemy, he arose from within with the help of those who never lost faith in him, he returned to surprise everyone after a 6 year smooth battle zone with this years 2:11K's Ahh Era Album
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play Live when I get a gig, I've played when I had gotten out of High School for my Cousins Quence and My other cousin Birthdays in Las Cruces, NM, and California Graduations. I've had chances to play live in a couple of Sacramento areas like Blue Lamp and still trying to find other locations as well if interested you can get a hold of me.
Your musical influences
My Creator, GOD, Father Sky and the many Artist that have come an gone throughout the years growing up, to the ones who are still withing our presents as of today, being influenced by Fans, Children, Friends and Family, as well as all my Haters, Fakes, acquaintances, enemies, foes, and so forth, upon this earth, Thank GOD for Blessing Me and May GOD bless his own Will.
What equipment do you use?
A mic and A beat, Music anything I'll bang the hell out of a garbage can if i must, sit give me two branches even one ill break in half and use that as a stick
Anything else?
Yea there is something else. Ahh Era coming Soon believe everybody will want a copy. ah ha and thank you Made life and Madd House recording studio with out My fam Right there this Ahh Era wouldn't of happened at all. And thank to all Artist who Participated on this Album. and for the ones who didn't My apologies wish you luck and maybe next cd I drop we can work something out.
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