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Vile Association
Vile Association
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VA. Virginia organization. Looking for artists and producers. Real music.
Welcome to VA! From the "7 city" area of southern VA, Vile Association is an organization of production teams and music artists. Vile Association has been gaining popularity in the middle eastern US for years now and has set it's sights on digital media filesharing. "We feel as if the availability of on-line album sales should be taken advantage of instead of frowned upon. After-all, we make the music but the business is for the lawyers. We do this because there would be no music business without the music. Our sound is so different because of the absence of politics involved with the business." The Clipse, Missy Elliott, Timbaland,Teddy Riley,Nottz and Bink are a few people that many people are familiar with from the melting pot of talent from the 7 city area. We are the hungry and talented future. The Vile Association is interested in R&B artists and producers looking for a new way to gain exposure. We will be responsible for the success of the new heatmakers coming out of the 757. USE CONTACT INFO FOR OPPORTUNITY AVAILABILITY.
Band/artist history
Established in a Hampton High School cafeteria in 1999, the vision was 20/20. The goal: to create a unit that would remove the impression left by rappers like Magoo and that "rumpshaker" shit. Our purpose, to empower young people with a talent or love for music with knowledge and opportunity in an environment where collaboration is barred by ego and greed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are limited in southern Virginia for outlets to perform becuase of the radical view on hiphop in this region. There are so many obstacles in the way of showcasing talent in Virginia that we need a push digitally in order to gain the confidence of venue management.
Your musical influences
Neptunes, Timbaland, Nottz, Bink, j Dilla, little brother, 9th wonder, pharoe Monch, Joe Buddens, 2 pac, Buddy Miles, Jimmy Hendrix, David Porter, James Brown. Timeless greats and people who are the best at what they do.
What equipment do you use?
MPC, M audio controller, pro tools, CEP, FL7, Reason
Anything else?
We have a line of shirts and Hoodies with the VA logo on coming with the CD/DVD package.