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Aeonz, east coast, east side, best, rock, 301, maryland, virginia, D.C, Aonz, distrikt, soncere, space ghost, redskins, ravens, city, state
Fuck Drama, but it's fun. I end up in the middle of it quite often so I do what it doogiehowzer... gotta figure some things out in life and make sure my budget is all Bubbles. Don't be shy to get to know me.. and don't try and judge me, we know how that pans outs! what you hear in my songs, is what i flow and put my mind to dig it or not... I'm a chill guy, I have a lot of homies but not too many friends though.. they the ones that stab you in ya back! p.s. half you niggas forgot about me... haha other dudes thinkin' they hood and aint got shit to show for it, dudes thinkin that they blingin and sittin on rims when they broke... just like me. STUPID NIGGAS!! I do what I do for what I'm dealt with well. I'm on some other ish, get at me. "I'm in the booth spillin' truth like the priest do; the demon in the flesh got me feastin' on these people. I'm rotten evil, don't even think we're equal; if nigga's wanna beef I'm sittin' back seat ta peep dude." -Yours Truly p.s.s. hahaha realness been fresh 1's like a motha ...
Band/artist history
I'm going to be your favorite rapper soon.. remember the face.. you can be one of those niggz that say, "I knew him when he was young on his come up" watch what I tell you niggz.. put your money on me, imma blow up(.)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet.. soon.. 2008 is my year... No for real slim, '08... its over for that crank back BS! imma show you fools what raw talent IS!
Your musical influences
Instrumentals, bnycking, hip hop, joell ortiz, saigon, jadakiss, styles p, the game, and ma uncle Ke-Funk!
What equipment do you use?
NT1-A, M-Audio fast track pro, 3.4ghz HP! Fast MF, nd some other shit..
Anything else?
Shouts out to ALL them Maryland niggas, i aint beefin wit nobody right now.. which is a good thing, so shouts to ALL, and lets get us up in the ranks.. i feel i can take it further than that though.. i can prove it.. gimme 2008 and surely the nation and hopefully the world will know my name... Aeonz! BITCH Go Hard.. or GO THE FUCK HOME!! WSC B.N.Y.C. KING!!!!!