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Oh Apollo
Oh Apollo
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We are a group of kids playing music. Its not about the screaming, or the arrangements. Its about what it becomes as a whole. Thanks for listening.
We have been playing together for about a year and a half now, been on one mini tour, and recorded three releases.
Band/artist history
We started out as a joke hardcore band and then progressed to more complex music. You can hear some of our older songs on purevolume- www.purevolume/ohapollo Retired Releases: The Forest Chorus-5 song demo (2006) Hope! The River Arkansas.-4 song EP (2007)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are down to play anywhere around the Bay Area and possibly farther.
Your musical influences
We are influenced by all types of music, but the main one present is probably screamo. Bands like Circle Takes the Square, The Fall of Troy, Fear Before the March of Flames.
What equipment do you use?
Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar, Crappy drums, crappy mics, decent bass.
Anything else?
We love to talk with other people about music and share ideas, so feel free to message us on myspace! myspace.com/ohapollo