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Jesus (The Messiah)
Jesus (The Messiah)
25 Tracks
Some crazy wicked real mother fucker that spits sadistic hot fire burning you to death thats on the road traveling as a mad carnie all around the east coast
Jesus that rude sadistic east coast real life carnie mother fucker here to make your fucking ears bleed whether or not if they are virgin ears mutilate you mentally domesticate you taking you through some wicked shit
Band/artist history
Been writing for a few years and started getting serious with it in 2007 and now I'v improved alot since. I've done shows at mostly house parties and basement shows and so far I've been fire at it. I have recorded at EXTproductions studio and Cryminal Productions. Was labeled by Lyrical Carnage Records on myspace for a bit but they kicked me out that shit. I've been on a couple UnderGround Hustlin Mixtapes like UGH 20 hosted by Ron Jeremy and UGH 22 or 23 I cant remember which but it was hosted by Krizz Kaliko. I traveled with a carnival on the east coast always looking for studios and open mics to hit up and sell tracks parties here and there and shit like that. Now I'm down with Angel Stitch productions going for serious shit with my man Angel Redfear. So anybody that wants me in your town/city, hit me up at 845 297 2059 if you know any legit studios and/or shit like that cuz willing to get some cash in your pocket for it to
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes and yea of course
Your musical influences
Everybody thats had something wicked or something that spoke to me over the years and of course my mother fucking family and everybody thats understood me thank you
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
If You Don't Like Me, Aww Cry About It And Fucking Kill Yourself Over It.
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