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Life At War
Life At War
2 Tracks
Underground Revolutionary Rap
CBC is the next up and coming innovative group to hit the underground rap scene. The group consists of three members all hailing from the nations capital, Washington, DC. The name CBC stands for Contra Ban Clan, symbolizing an idea of illegal music being smuggled through the underground rap scene. Complementing their sound the group is made up of three very different and original rap styles and personalities. The Three members are as follows, DP who is the groups lead producer and currently produces all of the groups work; JCola aka Greg Dodson who is one of the founding members of the group and also acts as executive producer; Doobie another founding member of the trio. The group first formed in the late 90s after meeting in high school. In the year 2000 CBC released an LP totally produced, funded and packaged by the group members. During that time the group used various cd releases to hone their individual style of rap. Each members background plays a big part in their mic presence. All members are educated and are skilled in incorporating their vast knowledge in their music. The groups does not consider their music to be hard core rap or pop hip hop, they live by their motto of Life At War which is a phase for what group is calling revolutionary rap music.
Band/artist history
Formed In The Late '90's
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