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The Real Benny Blanco
The Real Benny Blanco
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Born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Ben Rivera a.k.a. The Real Benny Blanco, learned his most valuable life lessons. Unfortunately, the death of his older brother, as w
Born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Ben Rivera a.k.a. The Real Benny Blanco, learned his most valuable life lessons. Unfortunately, the death of his older brother, as well as some close friends, led Bennys parents to move to a better neighborhood. This new neighborhood would be in the now infamous, South Jamaica, Queens. His new surroundings werent that different from his old neighborhood, but it did help Ben discover his musical talent. That same year his father bought him two turntables and a microphone to help make the move easier. This gift opened a virtual Pandoras Box. All he wanted to do was mix music, listen to music, and most importantly make music. He started DJing and making mixtapes to sell at school. He quickly moved on to writing rhymes and found that this was what he wanted to do. In the early to mid 90s, Queens had a surge of artists such as: Nas, Lost Boyz, and Onyx make it big in the music industry. Ben saw this and realized they came from where hes from and if they could do it, so could he. Ben went on to work on his craft by acting as hype man/opening act for Bad Boy recording artist, Craig Mack. He traveled nationally and internationally along side Craig. This opportunity allowed Ben to learn the important fundamentals of performing. In 2000, he was also selected as one of 5 finalists in the Coca Cola True Talent Search, held at the legendary Apollo Theater. He performed alongside the likes of, Jay Z, Beanie Siegel, Fat Man Scoop, and D.J. Clue. He was even featured in a Coca Cola commercial. In 2002, Ben inked a publishing deal to write songs for other artists. This gave him the opportunity to also learn about the business aspects of the music industry. In 2005, Ben participated in a song entitled, Nino Esperanza. This song was recorded for the worldwide organization, UNICEF with proceeds going to impoverished children in Ecuador, South America. This project was dear to him because his parents are from Ecuador. Its video was broadcast via DirecTV globally for a year. Fast forward to 2007 and Ben Rivera is still working to advance in the industry. He was recently featured on C-BOs (G-Unit South) West Side Ryders III. He has also collaborated with G-Dep, Black Rob, Craig Mack, Papoose, Gerardo (of Rico Suave fame-Interscope Records) and Raul Cela (La Calle Records) on the reggaeton/latin scene. Ben also releases his own mixtapes entitled, The Q-Mafi Project, Juice, and The Formula hosted by Hot 97's own DJ Absolut. Ben Rivera has a completed album of original songs ready and waiting for the right deal. With songs entitled, They Wanna Know, Die in your arms, Listen to my Demo, and Donkey Kong, he will definitely take you on a journey of ups & downs and twists & turns. He will show and prove just how groomed and ready he is. So keep your eyes and ears open, cause hes coming!
Band/artist history
See Introduction
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sorry I do not play any instruments
Your musical influences
Everybody from Michael Jackson to Nas
What equipment do you use?
MPC 2000XL, Motif6, Fantom-S, ProTools, G4, Neumann Mic etc
Anything else?
Alot, too much to type