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Maja Jensen
It's a one woman band sort of. When I record I have my producer playing the guitar, bass, keyboard, drum prog. When I sing live I just have my pianist by my sid
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Lonely again
This Inconstancy
Vocal: Maja Jensen. Grand piano: Henrik Fevre. Guitar: Henrik Fevre. Drum prog.: Henrik Fevre. Double-bass: Lars Johnsen. Double-bass solo: Lars Johnsen. Guitarsolo: Henrik Fevre
The touch of your hand
Vocal: Maja Jensen Grand piano: Henrik Fevre Guitar: Henrik Fevre Accoustic bass: Henrik Fevre Drum prog.: Henrik Fevre Trumpets: Thomas Ingemann
Chasin' rainbows
Vocal: Maja Jensen Electric guitars: Henrik Fevre Acustic guitar: Henrik Fevre Bass: Henrik Fevre Synth: Henrik Fevre Drumprog., Tamburin and backing vocal: Henrik Fevre
I've written songs for about 25 years now. But only about 18 months ago, I had the chance of recording them. That is something I'm so greatful for. My producer plays most of the instruments - but I play the sax. When I compose I use the guitar. But I've played the drums and the piano also. Right now I just love playing the altosax.
Band/artist history
I used to play with a girlfriend for some wonderful years when we were young. We made a lot of songs, of which some still have the quality to be recorded. Then I formed a band of three people - my friend on guitar, a male keyboardplayer and myself on the drums. That worked great for a few years. But the keyboard player got ill. It was fun but we never got around to playing live. As I started to get singing lessons with various teachers I really knew that the instument I had to use was my voice. So most of the instruments on my songs are played by my producer Henrik Fevre. He also sings backing vocals. I can recommend you to listen to my producer Henrik Fevre how also has a SoundClick page.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've only had at few chances of playing/singing live. But I loved every moment.
Your musical influences
They are many. I just love the way Frank Sinatra phrases. And I've learned so much from the great Sammy Davis Jr. Both male singers, I know. I also have a real inspiration in Shirley Bassey. I write pop songs so it's not fair to compare my songs and the way I sing to any of them. But nevertheless they inspire me.
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another great jazzy bossa - love it!
What a lovely song and performens together with super production and sound....great atmosphere
Singing expresses human emotion at its core. Your vocals and sax are a very euphoric experience indeed. Really enjoyed listening.
Lovely seductive jazz vocal performance...very sweet and cool swing music....
I love this song it's alllllll right. The swing timing of the music is dead on. The vocal are outstanding and put you in a jazz swing feel. The song mixing outstanding. Maja you make me want to come to Denmark for Jazz lesson. Very nice young lady very nice.
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