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Birdie Daddy
August 21, 2003
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- Adventures in The Pixel Castle (mini) - Musik från Feberhjärnan (mini) - The Spectrum Experiment (micro) - Spectrum Fever (micro) - 1-Bit Socker i Kaffet (micro) - Lilla Rötägget (micro) - Art of Insanity (micro) - Extreme HDTV Error: Mad Electronic Sound Inventions 4 (mini) - Lillen Gick Vilse I Stora Skogen (micro) - Cömpjutärmuzaken Från Långt Före Denna Nutid (micro) - Psyk Ullas Mystiska Värld (micro) - Vinyl Massakern: DJ Birdies Gyllene Köksremixar (half) - Den Berusade Fyrverkerimästarens Retropuffar (micro) - Måntionsto Af Frelörsön: Retroskadad för Livet (micro) ... my alias, is taken from a funny event back in 1999 when I was suffering from a stomach disorder and puked in a bird nest. After that event all of my friends call me Birdie Daddy (the one who feeds the nestlings). As years have gone by I have also been know by fans as DJ Birdie or just Birdie, but also as B&B because of my side project with Bubba (see below). And for they who don't know, I am also a member in the swedish comedy group Kycklingfabriken (a.k.a. KF or Chickenfactory) aside this solo project and it was in Kycklingfabriken everyting started back in the summer of 1999 (over ten years ago). Fly safe everyone! / Birdie Daddy I started a side project with Bubba Shepherd in 2006 (it was put on ice in 2012). You will probably see that many of my song titles (and other text) don't use the last swedish letters in the alphabet anymore, blam it on soundclick, not me. :-) Many songs on my page use sound effects and other stuff and everything was taken from PUBLIC DOMAIN and that is FREE to use. So don't dare to write to soundclick behind my back and accuse me to use any illegal stuff (as some people have done). All remixes on my page are based upon my own original songs and I have made everyone of them myself, everything is/was composed and created by myself. I even play most of the instruments myself. And finaly, I have made thousands of solo songs, but it took 16 years to do it and poeple who don't show or have any respect for it deserve some big fat fast and heavy punches in the face or even a broken jaw. If you spit on my art, then I will punch you in your face very hard and merciless (if I ever find out who you are, you cowardly little shit). I despise pitiful jealous idiots! All of you can burn in hell! You are nothing more than a rotten virus and you can't do anything better than me, but if you can, step up and prove it, or shut the f**k up and die!
Band/artist history
335 Birdie Daddy (solo). 002 Birdie & Fishmouse (collaboration). 011 Birdie & Bubba (side project 2006-2012). 022 Kycklingfabriken (band project). 004 Roy The Eskimo (guest appearance). 001 Chicken Vempire (guest appearance). 001 Teddy Dustin (the 10th anniversary collection). 001 Julius Guldfjun (the 10th anniversary collection). 004 Various Artist (compilations). 001 Split album (with various artists). 001 DJ Remix albums (to other artists). + A bunch of DJ remixes to other artists.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, sometimes I do. Me and Teddy Dustin played live with Kycklingfabriken at Eurocop in september 2008 and I also played live in Stockholm at Palladium in 2001 and Hovet 2009. :-)
Your musical influences
Influences? Well, everything!!! It is comedy mixed with madness, Instrumental, Experimental, Techno, Trance, Industrial, Retro-music, Rock, Pop, Drum N Bass, Funk, Ambient, Noise, Dance, R&B, Soul, Metal & Everything else mixed with crazy, funny and mad beats & samples, there is also tracks with vocals, crow screaming, bird singing, speech & robot vocoder vocals...
What equipment do you use?
Many different things. It's too much to write down.
Anything else?
Many tracks and songs is missing here, but they will be uploaded sooner or later (Or not at all). --------------------------------------------------------------- VISIT MY OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE (in Swedish) --------------------------------------------------------------- Only fullength albums is shown below, not EP's, mini albums, collections or other special stuff. I have made over 333 solo items and SC only allow 100 pictures. :-)
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