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Pretty much just better than you.
Collaborations Concept Album Released
http://www.myspace.com/emceebleach http://www.youtube.com/user/RingerINC http://www.reverbnation.com/emceebleach http://www.bboy.org/forums/freestyle-rhyme-session/ Emcee Bleach aka. RingerINC, Cinik, Doc Paint. I rocks the words good and shit. What? Where am i? Who are you, and why are you wearing that shirt with those pants. What are you mentally handicapped? You are, shit I'm sorry. Wait why should i be sorry, i made a correct observation, you should probably give me something, like your lunch money. In conclusion, graffiti is free, impresses the girls, is heroic in our couch potato culture... wait wrong thing... Please listen to me i need your approval, Howard Roark hates me.
Band/artist history
Started rhyming on bboy.org at the start of 2007 and recorded my first audio 30th November 2007. Added two more tracks before christmas 2007, when i got a new usb condenser mic. So hopefully quality gets better from here. Leaving the store was my first track of 2008 and first on the new mic. Recorded Life with a friend of mine from university, first ever track recorded with someone else in the flesh. Recorded some more tracks with two guys from university and hoping to make a short little ep out of it and sell it through the university hip-hop club. This is still in the works currently. After finishing recording the bulk of the ep tracks I started doing more online stuff with people from the FRS. First of these was Quit with EPonym. On the 1/10/08 I recorded the first verse of the FRS clusterfuck track: Run. The track featured 5 emcees from the FRS and was finished shortly after the first recording, this sparked Exothermic into organising the long awaited FRS mixtape which is currently in the works. Check out http://www.soundclick.com/FreestyleRhymeSession for more tracks from the FRS there. Early November 08 i won a spot on a remix of Wax's track "Air Timpani" which resulted in me shitting myself. 29th December 2008 Peroxide Mixtape was released and can be found here: http://www.soundclick.com/PeroxideMixtape It was supposed to be released 30th November, but organisation skills are a lacking here. It's 18 tracks recorded over 2008 and was a learning process for me and I hope you all like it. 10th January 2009 I uploaded the first of a series of open collabos to youtube. The idea was to create around a 6 track EP of 3 verse songs where each song features 2 different emcees. So the project would have 12 other emcees featured on it. I wasn't sure about how much interest I would recieve and it was a lesson in organisation to say the least. This video was followed by 5 others of varying topics and recieved about as much interest as i could hope for. 10th February 2009 marked the release of the BBoy.org FRS Mixtape vol. 1, the first project put together entirely by members of the Freestyle Rhyme Session. The mixtape failed to come to fruition several times before, the earliest being long before I even picked up a microphone, so it was an honour to be one of the main organisers of the mixtape, but also a letdown that many of the best audio emcees no longer visit the boards and were not able to partake in the mixtape. You can download it here: http://www.zshare.net/download/5555371540690d5c/ 13th May 2009 Collaborations was finalised and the 6 track concept album was uploaded and is now available for free download here: http://www.zshare.net/download/60397636d8094483/ And now we're here...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live rarely... Because nobody will have me, but i do enjoy it... Please let me play on your stage, i'll be real quiet... nobody will notice, it'll be cool... Please?
Your musical influences
Everyone but you, you suck... Actually you have probably influenced me the most because I've tried to avoid being you so fucking much. Seriously, take that stupid hat off and apologise bitch.
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