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Indie pop/rock singer/songwriter. Anti-bullying song One Love One World, an anthem of equality, tolerance, anti-bullying, human rights and world peace. Origi
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Moment It Gets Better Remix
An inspirational song of hope. An anti-bullying anthem to help promote suicide prevention awareness.
Moment Remix
An uplifting song about dealing with life's "moments." no matter what you are going through, realize that it's just a moment, it will pass and then have a good day.
One Love One World (We Are One)
An anti-bullying song promoting equality, tolerance, brotherhood, human rights, hope and world peace.
One Love One World Instrumental
A song of peace and love for the world
One Love One World sing a long track
A song of love for the people of the world. This song has been performed by children at their schools all over the world. I would love for you and your school, church or community choirs to perform the song! No bullying!
One Love One World (We Are One)
"a melancholy sex dream!" Make A Star.com "This artist brilliantly combines guitar driven modern rock with dance to bring forth a unique pop/punk sound that cannot be explained, but only experienced." The Industry Resource "Green Day meets Duran Duran!"Garageband.com "Slick hooks, catchy melodies and pining vocals" Listen.com "Tap your feet and sing along!" WhateverHQ online "Moody and contemporary" Music Connection Magazine. "Makes my blood rock!" The Nastyman, radio DJ, Denver I have recently been blessed with two amazing reviews of my debut CD "Cosmos!" Here's one: "Cosmos" is the latest CD from singer-songwriter-performer Craymo. Through the years, many singer-songwriters have succeeded through a certain combination: talent, production values, drive, etc... and, in the case of so many independent musicians, it's the spiritual need within the artist to bring their individual artistry to the masses (as well as our need, as an audience, to hear them!). But the best qualities that a musician can have are always innate. Indeed, Craymo does have an innate gift: his voice. It's yearning, thoughtful, occasionally vulnerable, and even slightly pained at times... but always grounded and solid. Of course, at moments on "Cosmos"-- as the album's title would suggest-- Craymo's voice can and does rise to abstract and ethereal heights. Next, there's what Craymo does with that voice. "Cosmos" features superb production values. "Having a Moment", the album's opener, just scratches the surface of this artist's unique abilities (voice, sound, persona, universal vision, etc...). Ultimately, beneath the mosaic-like coating of "Having a Moment", the message is an oft-said but important one: Take life one moment at a time, and enjoy the good ones while you have them! Track 2 is one of several songs on "Cosmos" which deserves to be broadcast to the masses worldwide: "One Love One World". It's one of Craymo's musical calling cards, with a universal, much-needed plea by Craymo worth repeating over and over again. (Sample lyrics: "We all need to lend a hand, the brotherhood of man..." and "Put your hands together now, every boy and every girl") The electro-reggae beat is catchy, uplifting, and instantly addictive-- sorta like Musical Youth ("Pass the Dutchie". Remember them?) coming into young adulthood in 2007 with a new found sense of social responsibility. "Bend" features a rock beat, complete with hard-hitting guitars and Craymo adopting a smooth, Jon Bon Jovi-style delivery. Another emblematic Craymo track comes with "Happy Birthday". This is the first time in decades that the birthday song has been reinvented... and it was worth the wait! As one of the songs that first got Craymo the singer-songwriter noticed, this no-holes-barred remix is every bit as joyous as its title. I propose that the powers that be should pass a nationwide (NO... universal!) law requiring every US (NO...world!) citizen to receive an mp3 of Craymo's "Happy Birthday" in their inbox on that special day-- and you'd see the world become a happier place in no time. "Love Me or Leave Me" adopts a more confrontational tone, with a slight urgency in Craymo's voice as he sings, "Love me or leave me, Why do you tease me? Don't play these games! Love me or leave me, why don't you please me? It's not the same!" Hi-tech electronic swirls and curls and high-frequency waves run through this song. Nostalgia for the '70's is the theme for "Drive In Picture Show". The track features a retro beat and references to J.J. Walker, Supertramp, lava lamps, and more pop culture name-dropping. Best of all, Craymo invites us to join him in his funky remembrances, singing "Lets go! Let's go-o-o! Down to the drive in picture show!"-- and we definitely want to jump into the back seat. But perhaps the best line (and my favorite!) is "Take me back to the decade I love, way before 'No glove, no love!'" For "Static Surfer", Craymo adopts a slacker persona (Think Beastie Boys or Blink 182), with lyrics to match. "Coitus Interruptus" (No, it's not a Lil Kim song!) is actually not as dirty as its title, and "Daybreak" is a song about the proverbial "morning after"-- which has been a fertile source of inspiration for songwriters for many years. As I said before, Craymo has a supple vocal range-- at times he "plays it safe", other times he experiments a bit: For Track #14, "Be My Girl" (one of the true gems on this CD), Craymo adopts a different tone, a distant Europop (almost cocky) vocal style in this variation on the teenybopper/boy band love song. BUT... there's a twist, and you have to listen to the song to get it (I ain't tellin'!). But every track gets it right. "Migraine" for example, is a mid-tempo song simply about having a migraine-- no more, no less! And every track's a crowdpleaser.
Band/artist history
CRAYMO'S BIO Music seemed to possess his soul from an early age as he had always tried to imitate the singers and bands eminating from his little 45 rpm record player. In 3rd grade he picked up the alto saxophone taking lessons from Kenneth Van Winkle, father of future Grammy winner Dixon Van Winkle. Craymo continued taking lessons and played in elementary and Jr. and Sr.High Bands and the school Jazz Rock group. Craig wrote his first song when he was 16. He sang in the school choir from elementary through high school. The young performer craved the stage and graced it every chance he got joining the local vaudeville style minstrel group Showtime. Craymo performed in community theatre and high school drama and musical theatre productions. As a senior in high school he took interest in DJing and got a job spinning at Big Ed's Dallas Lounge and also at a local radio station where co-workers first started calling him Craymo. Craymo went to Fredonia State University majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in drama. Feeling the call of the big city, Craig left college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. He soon landed acting gigs in the TV soap operas General Hospital and days Of Our livess, most recently in the HBO original film Recount. Craymo continued to DJ in Nightclubs and was one of the first "video jocks" to beat mix videos! All the while focused on his music Craymo wrote hundreds of songs and started recording demos in Los Angeles recording studios. He auditioned to be the lead singer for several bands but ultimately realized his destiny was to be a solo artist. The determined young man took vocal lessons with R&B great Bobby Womack and recorded a demo of one of his songs. Craymo then met record producer David Longoria who took him under his wing and they recorded his first professionally recorded song Love Touch and filmed his first music video. Then they went on to create several more songs including Craymo's first EP entitled Be My Girl who's title track was licensed in the indie film Paper Thin Immortals. The next video was Take It Slow with a sixties beatnick vibe and the song was licensed in the indie film Accidents Don't Happen. Craymo appeared as a male vocalist on Star Search 89 with Ed McMahan. He formed several backup bands performing at the Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy, Genghis Cohen and opened up shows for Smashmouth, The Plimsouls and Fishbone. He then met record producer Chris Irwin and recorded several songs in his Malibu studio. Craymo then ran into his old friend, songwriter and producer Brandon Jarrett. They went into the studio and magic happened. Combining their song catalogs into one company, Moho Productions, LLC. They recorded One Love One World which became a worldwide phenomenon being featured on the United Nations project UNESCO web site www.newsongsforpeace.org. School teachers all over the world downloaded the song, taught it to their students who then performed it at their schools in the USA, Canada, China and Australia! The world premiere music video for One Love One World was September 11, 2011. Craymo has been a semi-finalist and finalist in several songwriting competitions including Unisong, the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival, UK Songwriting Competition, Pacific Songwriting Competition and the Artist Undiscovered Competition. His songs have been licensed in the indie films Super Southern Sweet Sixteen, Silly Movie 2 and Successful Failures 2. Also in television including The X Games on ESPN, The Orlando Citrus Parade, Sinbad's Reality U (pilot), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC) and Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada). His first full lenght CD Cosmos and followup Cosmos (Singles and Remixes) are available on iTunes. Craymo is currently receiving airplay on commercial and internet radio all over the world. His influences include Duran Duran, George Michael, The Beatles, Morrissey, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, Elton John, Sting and The Cars. He has been enjoying discovering London and the UK scene!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, whenever I am invited to!
Your musical influences
The Cars, Sweet, David Bowie, The Cure, Duran Duran, Prince, ELO, Elton John, Morrissey, George Michael, Robbie Williams, Michael Jackson. Craymo is about rockin' guitars, emotional vocals, fun grooves and interesting harmonies. There's a little glam as well as R&B and punk influences and best of all you can dance to my songs!
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
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