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This is the kind of music you would like to hear even if your lover did not call for days or if your cat was run over by a car. All the songs, even the more phi
Expensive gas (2008)
Peak position #43
July (2008)
Peak in sub-genre #98
Hurdy gurdy (2007)
Peak in sub-genre #61
Lebanon (2006)
Peak in sub-genre #87
We've been at it for more than 30 years now and there's no reason to stop as long as one of us is still able to operate a bottle opener.
Band/artist history
Who we are? Thomas M. Sprenger, born in '53, escaped the ivory tower writing a love letter for a love-sick warden, often astonished as to what four fingers can do to a guitar, fascinated by all the things that run at low voltage, likes singing in harmony with himself. Michael Egeri, born in '53 but two month earlier, uses 6 more fingers for his craft, master of putting together weird chords, champion of the cadenza, the human metronome, you name it, hes a whiz when it comes to the black and white keys, artiste extraordinaire with coloured chalk, in charge of the beer supply. If it wasnt for Michaels urge to get things finished we wouldnt look at 200+ songs and instrumentals weve put together over the years. Im more the type to wait for a kiss from a muse ad infinitum as opposed to Michaels approach of kicking the shifty dame in her pretty backside. How do we do it? Regularly. We meet every Wednesday and see what comes up or work on the song we havent finished the Wednesday before. Most of our material is based on keyboard chords because thats what Michael is really good at. With the friendly help of the computer (and Steinbergs Cubase) we fit in instruments that underline the character of the song. Up to that point we dont have the lyrics yet, just a general idea what the song could be about. Writing the lyrics can be a nerve-racking enterprise, because the more I have come to like the song the better the lyrics have to be. Just piecing together some odd words about love, pain and waking up with a bad taste in your mouth just wont do. So I have to try to find something inventive for the lyrics, an unusual subject (see Ice diver), interesting alliterations (loves so tender and surrender comes only in full splendour), a good story or a political issue that is important to us. I think good lyrics should give the listeners pictures that they can keep in mind. Style? We dont stick to any definite style of music. You can find elements of the kind of music we like, namely Rock, Pop, Folk, Blues. The most important thing to us is that each individual song has its own character, that means tune, lyrics, background, rhythm, vocals mould into one. Thomas M. Sprenger
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We don't. We see ourselves as writers/composers rather than as performers.
Your musical influences
Definitely the seventies.
What equipment do you use?
A big hand for Steinberg (24 and Cubase) here. The computer has done more for the democratisation of music than the guitar tuner.
Anything else?
Visit our homepage (www.sprenger-egeri.com) and listen to what we've been up to all these years.
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