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J Micz
J Micz
46 Tracks
J-Micz.. what more description do ya need????!!!!
Yea yea yea, what up? this ya boii J-Micz.. Just check out the music, love it or hate it.. gimme ya ears for a couple minutes and i promise you wont be disapointed. I'm a different type of Emcee, I was born in Texas but also had Up Bringing in L.A. County in California so i got some West Coast/Down South type vibe. I've moved back to Texas for a while in Bay City (L S B Soldja!) I am now in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area I've perfected my craft.. now it's time to make my impact on the world!!!!!! --J-Micz
Band/artist history
Started rapping at 12-13, and slowly but surely after much practice (litterally hours DAILY) when i was still a youngsta... i knew it was what i wanted to do around 14-15.. and i've stuck with it ever since.. i became a member of the L S B crew when i moved to Bay City, tx This really showed me i aint need a big studio to make music, and i've been reppin L S B ever since i'm now on the next chapter of my career.. really putting out music, and getting heard. My name is alredy known all around tha bay and i never dropped a CD so i'm tryina find out what kinda buzz i'd get once i actually have a album out...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Never "played" live.. but i've been in over 30 battles in front of crowds, (Some of them just in front of like 7-8 people but still) i've only officially lost twice, but it's all good.. i've also been in a freestyle competition at a party with a dj from a southern radio station and spat in countless cyphers... (Test my battle skills if ya want... but you wont have many fans afterwards lmao)
Your musical influences
As far as who i sound like or who i try to copy? NO ONE!! i got my own swag n style... but shit living in three different regions, and listening to their different types of music has made me a whole different machine of a rapper... i started off heavily into Pac, but later listened to a lot of new york rappers... and a few cali rappers i've been into a lot of underground H-town dudes these days like Z-Ro n S U C, but i'm really into Dudes like Big L, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Reed Dollaz, Meek Millz, Vinnie Paz, Jedi Mind Tricks, Army Of the Pharoahs, T.I., KRS One, Cassidy, And shit.. the list goes on and on.. i listen to everybody but i really like lyrics and this soulja boi ring tone shit out these days is NOT on my agenda... lol
What equipment do you use?
laptop, audicity, USB Studio condensor microphone
Anything else?
get ya free copy of "Mixtape Monstah vol. 1" and "Tha Follow-Up" as well as my new EP "Project: X" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lone Star Balla Tha BuckEyEBeast
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