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We are looking for a sponser, i guess so are a million other people, but were determained, for a list of what we've been up to over the year and how we have inf
I'me Luvin You -Back-Track for sale, contact-
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MC Solid V Mac II -Beat For Sale Contact-
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Solidsounds is about the people rather then ourselves, we really look at making tracks that an audiance can listen to and enjoy, we have worked liked crazy over the last year and a half since we started on the net and it has been an experiance, we've come a long way, but we still got more to go XD
Band/artist history
Been producing music since i was 14 but it did'nt really catch on, a year and a half ago i bought what i needed to start myself off, if it was'nt for finding soundclick i dunno how i would have ended up musicly because the internet really is short unsighned community sites, the first year was tough, when i bought my DAW i thought that was all i needed, how wrong was i, so yeah not only did i have to get a grip on my DAW but also had to search around for sound plug-ins, sound packs, can making music get a bit easier please lol?! XD so yeah my history so far has been getting used to my DAW which finally i am XD getting used to mixing, learning to play keyboard, god i need a holiday lol
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I DJ over the internet a few times a week, it's been something i've been doing for around 8 months and i get to play my tracks during sets which is great because crowd reaction on a new song can be great
Your musical influences
The people around me are still my influences :) they are the listeners, i'me just the guy thats gotta make an awsome track for them to love me for, but seriously, my music is'nt about me mostly, have my moments, but i do it for the people around me, aswell as the love for music :D
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops Studio 8, Roland PCR500, Â20 speakers lol (damn i need summert better, any donations contact me :D), i make the most out of what i have, thats how it's always been :D
Anything else?
Looking for opportunities to produce with other people and collaborate, if your reading this page and think you can help us move forward then chance us, we have a lovely fan base but want to do more for them and bring more people in to check us out :D
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