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Mouchee Deeki
Mouchee Deeki
12 Tracks
Hip Hop for Hip Hop Heads. Get the new release "Fa True" fa free at http://www.mediafire.com/?iwmy5mm2nfe
We Three Some MoucheeDeeki ft Squikee & Aphropik
Peak in sub-genre #63
08 Black Men S.o.L. feat Rashad thaPoet
12 Fiya Inya Drawhs
Peak in sub-genre #38
03 Jungle Fonk 483935
Peak in sub-genre #91
Growing up in a small town in rural South Louisiana, Mouchee saw just about what every young black male in a big city sees: poverty, illiteracy, drugs, violence, racism, etc, etc, etc. Determined to blaze his own path in every area of life, he set out to separate himself from the status quo. At a critical point in life, he turned away from street life because it was all dead end. Death was all around. But the street experience and the many loved ones who have been incarcerated, or "caught up", have inspired all that he has set out to accomplish in life. Mouchee has always been a student of music. Not so much of instruments, bars, staffs, and recitals....but of music.....the spirit of music. From hip hop, to reggae, rock, jazz, country, zydeco, blues,.....whatever........ Mouchee understood and appreciated the power of music and has always aspired to be a musical artist. He might even argue that a dose of Bob Marley beginning in early high school may have saved his soul. Music powers revolutions. Music sets the mood. Music uplifts. Music condemns. Music inspires. Music educates. Music is power. With no talent for singing, and no time to practice instruments, he began to craft rhyme. At the beginning of the spoken word movement several years ago, he saw a new avenue and took rhyme to the stage. He was hooked. Being a big thinker, he wanted to conquer the world. The entrepreneur/engineer/artist had already had it with the decline in Rap music, along with the incline of the 9-to-5. What better way to invest money than to make an album...with a message. Thanks to pioneers such as Rap-a-Lot, No Limit, Cash Money, and other successful independent Record Labels, Mouchee knew there was REAL money to be made if you controlled the business of music. The trend toward independent labels had also proven to be a successful business model in other genres of music such as Country and Rock. Mouchee studied the music game for 3 years before forming LougaMusic, his new independent label. Mouchee hooked up with 7Tre, a cousin who had a stash of hot beats and some graphic arts skills and "made it happen". A star was born. CD's were burned. Credibilty was earned. Meet the CEA - Chief Executive Artist..... Mouchee Deeki. Copyright 2007 LougaMusic
Band/artist history
I just woke up one day and decided to start rappin'. Well not quite......been on the spoken word kick for several years. Always been a fan of hip-hop. www.moucheedeeki.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Love It
Your musical influences
Life. Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Funk, Old Soul,
What equipment do you use?
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