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BluSmoke Productions
BluSmoke Productions
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BluSmoke Productions includes myself (prodcer/engineer/rapper) and Miss L (rapper)
Born Leslie Michael Bartholomew J.R., the producer, engineer and song-writer the world has come to know as BluSmoke was surrounded by music starting at a very young age. He was born on February 22nd in Brooklyn, New York 22 years ago during the New Jack City era. His first display of artistic talent came in the form of drawing. He was a gifted sketch artist but, while hip hop and gangster rap was surfacing and starting to hit the mainstream; BluSmoke was strongly influenced by not rap but Calypso and Reggae. Fascinated at a young age by the media world, BluSmoke recalls a time he was about 9 years old when he would simulate recording his own radio station in his room using only two radio/cassette recorders, a music tape that he made from recording songs played on real radio stations such as Hot 97.1, and a blank tape. Aside from beginning to write rhymes when he was 10 years old, Blu also remembers when he used to try to write scripts for his favorite sitcoms at the time: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Martin. His love for the performing arts ranges from music to film to dance. While attending Junior High School in New York City he participated in the Performance and Jazz Bands where he played the drums. He was also active in the church choir where he did more drumming than singing. Another place that Blu excelled was on the football field. He played Linebacker and Defensive End for eight years including four years of high school at Lehman High School in the Bronx and two years at Fordham University-School of Business also in New York City. It is there that BluSmoke claims he realized that he should follow his dream and began his journey to being a producer in the music industry. After spending another year in New York City he decided to finally leave the big city and migrate to Atlanta, Georgia which he noticed was quickly becoming a haven for the entertainment industry. BluSmoke currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is attending American Intercontinental University-Buckhead where he is studying for his Bachelors Degree in Media Production. He has started his own production company and record label BluSmoke Productions/NYu erA Entertainment. The vision that sets Blu apart from other musicians and aspiring moguls is his potential ability to reach other genres and fields other than music. Aside from music these areas include, Film Production, Fashion Design and believe it or not Interior Design. He is able to accomplish this tedious task with help from his large staff of affiliates in all of the named professions. He prides his business on bringing the best talent from New York, Atlanta, and all states in between along the east coast to the forefront of an industry that has commercialized beyond anyones wildest dreams. He produces Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, Pop and Reggaeton tracks for any and all artists. He also produces tracks and jingles for movies, commercials, short films and sitcoms. An important task that Blu is proud to say that he has accomplished and is still learning more about everyday is Audio Engineering. BluSmoke is constantly searching to make new contacts and explore any opportunity that arises to show the world that they must listen to this American, Jamaican and Grenadian musician and businessman. Leslie BluSmoke Bartholomew plans to dive into the ocean of the entertainment industry and never come up for air.
Band/artist history
People can see and hear more of me at: myspace.com/smokeyblu84
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes!! Whenever possible. Currently I am in Atlanta, Georgia.
Your musical influences
As far as production my influences are Dr. Dre, Pharrell and kanye West. I also have been greatly influenced by reggae music since I am half Jamaican.
What equipment do you use?
Fantom X6, Protools, MPC 4000, Adobe Audition