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The Age
The Age
4 Tracks
A wild, psychedelic, political alternative romp through rock and psychedelic space. Humour and an almighty thump from this very alternative Brit 4 piece special
Band/artist history
THE AGE: The Ancient Garden of Earth. Chevstar Records: www.chevstar.com The Ancient Garden of Earth, otherwise known as The Age have returned to this plane after a long spell in the wilderness of life. The great news is that a second AGE album is in progress so get ready to pogo yourself into space with the masters of psychedelic punk rock! This British band has emerged from the heather-strewn north to forge a colourful splash of rainbow rock and psychedelic punk. Heres what the press make of The Age: AGE FACTS: Based between the moors of Northumbria and Nottingham Castle, this Morpethian four-piece have forged an incredible stash of psychedelic grooves. They were once called The New Age but dropped the New to become THE AGE (a.k.a. The Ancient Garden of Earth). The lads used to sport 2 drummers and did play live a lot in the 1990s. Neil left the drum seat and H took it on. The Age are: Peter Swaz: lead, backing vocals Harry H: percussion, backing vocals Simon Tooth: bass, backing vocals Carl Cape: vocals, guitar, harmonica.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We did... including 3 Glastonbury barnstormers. If you were there at the Golden Moon, here's a x
Your musical influences
13th Floor Elevators, Elvis, Julian Cope, Garage punk, old punk, space rock, Hawkwind, psych, The Legendary Shack Shakers, the Damned, PiL, all sorts really. Sex n drugs n rock roll typify many a band, we can relate to some of that. Trouble is the way people use some drugs can kill them - not into that bit. Add some wild pagan witchy festivals in the woods and all kinds of on alternative and the edge stuff and you've got some of it. It's good to be mainstream sometimes too, and to change and grow. Be cool but care.
What equipment do you use?
Oh good grief, all sorts of gubbins. Si-fi has a rotophase - awesome!
Anything else?
The Long Pigs declared THE AGE to be the best live band theyd ever seen and the bands built a growing reputation for songs with the sort of catches you simply cant ignore or forget. The Northumbrian/Nottingham four-piece have a huge stash of quality groove anthems ready to go and are now actively seeking an energetic record company. Read for yourself what the press make of it, then ring us and talk. Cultish band though the only danger is from being in a roomful of freaks, students and new age dudes. The Independent. What Turns You On is one of the best songs weve heard all year. Organ. The AGE are certainely politically aware, enviromentally aware, and totally tuned into the worlds problems...the AGE sound is distinctive. The Journal. With songs bursting at the lyrical seams, they give nineties life a serious slagging and throw in a bit of mysticism for good measure. The Evening Post. Theyre all my favourite bands in one. A punter at the Pirate, Falmouth. Their last Glastonbury performance was a mind - blower. Overall Magazine. Spacey, intense feedback heaven...The Stones and Dylan right up to Ride and Smashing Pumpkins with Led Zeppelin thrown in... Uni. of Trent fanzine. A Peak Experience is a strong release from a band with the potential for bringing out a great psychedelic album. Crohinga Well.
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