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S.O.S. ak1
S.O.S. ak1
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A founding member of the BC Nation and Armaggedons Anthems. His flows often sound more like Godly law then just raps towards his enemies.
Welcome Disciples... This is the soundclick page for the warlord of "The Barcode", and the darkheart of the "Apex Predators"!!! But simply known as S.O.S. It's been two years since "The Barcode" had our last show. We've all gotten older, wiser, and hungrier since then! We thank you for your continued support over the years...but we promise you will be extremely pleased at the way we've evolved into our sound! If you thought we were good before, wait to hear the new stuff! Make sure you check the links to "The Barcode" soundclick site, and make sure you support us and buy the mp3's if you like them! More updates coming soon...listen to the new joints, send your feedback, and don't hesitate to ask about buying beats or doing mix albums with us if you would like to. May God smile on all of those who support the real! May satan lay in the shadows, waiting to devour all of those who oppose us! Armaggedons Anthems boy!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Absolutely...it's been awhile though! But up to this point, I have been in several live performances (The Barcode performed live)! We have opened up for the likes of Juvenile, Lil Flip, and J-Kwon! We have also been the headliners for several shows...those took place in Knoxville, and Johnson City, TN!!! I had a great time doing them too! Making music is my passion...but getting people so wild they start feeling the music more than I do, is a very special feeling! My favorite moment was when P-Manne, Milz D, and myself rocked that show in downtown Johnson City in 2005! Place got crazy...dudes was getting buck, chicks was drunk and buck...it was just plain old going down!
Your musical influences
Triple six mafia did it for me!!! When my boy Socrates introduced me to that Memphis style of music, I was hooked!!! I've spent a lot of my life living in Holly Springs, MS also!!! Which is a half hour away from Memphis!!! So after I heard three 6, playa fly, and skinny pimp!!! There wasn't no turning back...I also love hard rock though!!! Static X is my favorite band!!! So I'm just into anything that makes me wanna tear some stuff up!
What equipment do you use?
Too much to name...you gotta ask P-Manne (member of our group "The Barcode", producer of all of our beats, co-founder of Armaggedons Anthems) that question!
Anything else?
Go to the website and check out some more music that aint here!!! Ask your local record stores to get us if they don't have us...and keep supporting the Barcodeboyz, and Armaggedons Anthems!!!