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Nonfiction 1
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NONFICTION: SAVED IDENTITY Converting from a life of darkness into the Light, with many obstacles along the way, is a rough road for anyone to travel, but the end result is always worth the fight. Conquering a life of drugs, alcohol, gambling and theft, both Percy Freeman and Larry Porter have come out swinging and on top, forming the gospel hip-hop group NonFiction. States Freeman, There are great benefits and a lifetime warranty when you work for God! Freeman began rapping at a young age in his hometown, Holly Springs, MS with all efforts focused on a career in the secular scene. He began growing tired of his worldly lifestyle and became curious about God, looking for a new direction. After finding a local church and after surrendering all he had to the Lord, he began a new mission to continue creating lyrics and beats. Only now he would be delivering a different message. Originally, Saved Identity began as a solo project, but soon transformed into NonFictions debut album. Freeman sought a solo career after he was first saved and was later joined by Porter who was a good friend and shared the same love for the music. We eat, sleep and live rap, Percy states. It is something we love to do, and why not benefit others by doing it? The heart of the record highlights past obstacles and pain experienced in the old life but still proclaims the excitement and joy of a completely changed life in Christ. Delivering the Truth with their street savvy lyrics, their desire is to connect with a younger generation by offering an alternative to what the world suggests: Lord save my soul, nothings missing now Im whole. People sometimes let me down, but God always got control, proclaims the albums intro track: Still Servin God. It focuses on being a Christian, unashamed of imitating Christ. The track, Miracles describes understanding the ways of God and how He still performs miracles today. The name NonFiction identifies these two dynamic and energetic artists that the Truth will be delivered with no barriers or lies. Through lyrics that move and inspire to beats that will have anyone moving, they reach the ones that are desperate for a change in their culture. Whether listening to the album through a stereo or watching them perform live, you will experience the same intensity through every rhythm. NonFiction has fought the fight and has a message to proclaim.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play anywhere the opportunity unfolds. We went to GMA in Nashville, TN and had a good performance.
Your musical influences
Jesus Christ
What equipment do you use?
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