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Sorin Pavelesco
Sorin Pavelesco
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Downtempo electronic music with lots of melody, cool samples and laid-back beats. Featuring analog keyboards and hardware.
I've been composing music since age 15. I've studied the classical piano and guitar and fell in love with the vast sonic possibilities of electronic music. My early childhood heroes were Paul McCartney, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre. Ultimately I developed my own voice and ideas but I can say my music incorporates elements from everything I like and listen to: classical, electronic, hip-hop and jazz. Along my musical journey I discovered new musical heroes which still influence me today: Ennio Morricone, Dj Krush, Dj Shadow, Tosca, Cinematic Orchestra to name a few.
Band/artist history
Born in Romania, Sorin Pavelesco moved to Montreal, Canada with his family when he was just 6-years old. His musical education began at age eight with piano lessons from his father. Over the next six years Sorin studied classical piano and the likes of Beethoven, Chopin and Tchaikovsky with a private tutor. Eager to learn another instrument, he also studied the classical guitar for two years and briefly flirted with an electric guitar and local rock bands in his early teens. Then at age 15 something magical happened: he discovered Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. He fell in love with electronic music and its vast sonic possibilities. The enthusiasm was so strong and genuine that his mother agreed to buy him his first analog synthesizer from the local pawn shop, a Korg Polysix, using the money she had set aside for his college education. He started making his own sounds and quickly began composing original material. Impressed by Sorin's passion and commitment to music, his father bought him a second keyboard (a Yamaha Portatone keyboard with cheesy on-board rhythms) and a Fostex 4-track machine to record his compositions. Over the next five years Sorin wrote hundreds of little songs which revealed his lyrical soul and a strong penchant for melody. The next decade was dedicated to studio production, composing and buying more gear. Ideas flowed and song structure improved. It was time to release an album. In 2000 Sorin released "The Longest Dream" under the name Revival. An ambitious concept album combining spoken word, electronic and classical music, the album received accolades from all over the world. It reached no.15 on New Age International Charts in America and a few no.1 spots on European Radio Stations (Russia, Romania and Sweden to name a few), while a self-produced video for the single "La Fille de la Forêt" climbed to no.8 in Canada. Furthermore, two tracks from "The Longest Dream", "La Fille de la Forêt" and "The End Of Time" were chosen to appear on a US compilation of electronic music from new Romanian artists entitled "Noua Romanie". Interesting fact to note, the compilation was released by Earthtone Records, label owned by none other than Christopher Franke, ex-member of electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream, one of Sorin's chilhood heroes! Following the critical success of "The Longest Dream", Sorin started exploring new rhythms and genres like jazz, hip hop and brazilian music. He also started writing lyrics to support his melodies. Some of these new songs were recorded by Montreal singer Sonya Cartier and her folk-world-music group Djelem ("Comme je taime" in 2002 and "Scarab" in 2005). Others were left in a drawer, awaiting the opportune moment to resurface. In 2007 Sorin released 10:00, a collection of 12 polished downtempo tracks which featured a lounge remake of Men At Work's 1982 worldwide smash hit "Down Under", a classic cut remade and reborn 25 years later for a new generation to enjoy. Currently Sorin is finishing the production on four (4) radio-friendly hip-hop tunes that will be released in spring 2008. He is working with Montreal MCs Prolific, Dialekt and soul-jazz singer Spaïcy. He is also scoring a short independent film, "Love's Light", produced by Greek filmmaker Lukas Constantine which has received funding from the NFB (The National Film Board of Canada.)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live. At least not yet.
Your musical influences
Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, Tosca, Dj Krush, Dj Shadow, Bonobo
What equipment do you use?
G5 iMac using Logic Pro 8, Ableton Live 6 and Digital Performer 5. Heintzman piano, Fender Rhodes Stage 73 MK1, Yamaha MO8, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Roland Juno-106, Korg Polysix, Roland Strings RS-09, Akai S900, Akai MPC1000, Mackie 1604, Lexicon MPX100 and many more things I can't remember.
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