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k1dbr0ther- (makes beats for the west coast prodigy)
k1dbr0ther- (makes beats for the west coast prodigy)
2 Tracks
kidbrother - producer, beat maker, good beats, hood beats, just rap. Lacy street - it's the soundtrack to this city.
What is up, I'm a beat maker/producer. I'm working with The West Coast Prodigy, as well as producing a rock album for the band Lacy Street. We're all just trying to make it... We should be able to, if we hustle hard enough. Listen like hate it, at least you listened. Thank you.
Band/artist history
I've been playing for ever, in bands. Recently started producing, because alot of the rap game got so saturated, which sadly happens sometimes. My cousin and I started Lacy street to basically change the way people listened to music, we wanted something new. We love music, and that's what we do.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live in punk bands, and I've heard people verse on my beats, it feels so good to know, people are using me for good, and for my talent. it takes my breath away.
Your musical influences
Kanye's beats, although very mainstream, remain very soulful and feel good. Common's honesty is amazing, and the crazy vibes and sounds from the deftones makes me feel like I should be following my dreams. They made it possible to fall in love with the concept of change.
What equipment do you use?
I'm very basic, I can't really afford equipment, i have to pay back the tuition money. I use reasons 3.0, and a yamaha keyboard, very basic, which means more when i complete something people like.
Anything else?
please listen, we hope you enjoy, everybody stay up. It's ours, we should take it, i'm talking about the feeling we get when we make it.