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Virtual Collaboration Band
Virtual Collaboration Band
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An international band, three members from USA and one from Sweden. Virtual because we never met in real life.
Rock & Roll Guitar
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Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky
Peak position #61
Dig That Crazy Santa
Peak position #8
Stay With Me Tonight
Peak position #21
Please Come Home for Christmas
Peak position #36
This is the An international band, three members from the United States of America and one from Sweden. Virtual because we never met in real life, and we're not sure what the outcome would be if we did...
Band/artist history
: We were all born together in Sweden, and lived in a small box by the Hiway. At the age of 3, we were all separated (excluding Goran, because he looked the most Swedish.) and sent to America as an experiment to document the effects of American beer on Swedes. After the discovery of micro brew beer in America the experiment was canceled. Our true identities were revealed to us and we decided to get together and play music in celebration of our new found brothers. : Four score and... : The first 3 members met through the Fender Discussion Page Forum, where we did a Christmas song in 2006, "Mustang Santa". We then decided to do a new song together for the 2007 x-mas, and our eminent bass player LeeVel joined the band. For the 2008 annual Christmas collaboration we decided to invite some friends to join in, and the result was the song "Please Come Home for Christmas".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
: We play "live" better than dead. : No, but undead. We're zombies. : Haha, well we play anyway... *hmm... play undead? Ten Years After?* : What would the alternatives be? Yes I like being alive.
Your musical influences
: Good or bad ? : They must mean good..? Well, whiskey 'n wimmen is a constant source of inspiration. : Louis Jordan, Raymond Scott, Peter Green. Bruce Dickenson. : The Wiggles, Doodlebops, Elmer Fudd (Kill the Wabbit...) : Ahh, yes, we mustn't forget the meedely-meedely-mee's...
What equipment do you use?
: Mostly my head. : Whatever works. : Mmm, and sometimes not even that. : Various electronic equipment including guitars.
Anything else?
We would like to thank our mothers without whom this wouldn't have been possible, American Beer Industry, our dearly beloved wifes and children, our pet dogs and cats, Leo Fender, Orville H. Gibson, Alfred E Neuman, The Internet Engineering Task Force, Audacity, Steinberg, all the effect pedal makers in the world, Fraunhofer Society and of course mr Chris Greene.
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