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Fabius Maximus
Fabius Maximus
5 Tracks
Hip-Hop, hip hop, hiphop, pop, rock, alterntive hip-hop
What's up and welcome to my Page, I am Fabius, I want you to know that I'm a head like you and I know what I want to create and I create it, I want you to enjoy my musical journey as much as I do and I want you to love every second of it as much as I do. It's Hip-Hop baby, underground style!
Band/artist history
Well, Alpha Phonetics is my band and I heard a lot od people tell me that they would love to hear my solo stuff, so thought "Hell let's just launch this dude already huh?"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah I play Live, here in Grahamstown for now, at Slaghuis (Joburg) Special Moment? Yeah I remember the first gig we played in Grahamstown the crowd was feeling it and that's when I knew that this was gonna work.
Your musical influences
Well, that's a question and a Half, I have my influences in living legends like George Clinton, NWA, Ice Cube, (Funk), Metal and rock too. Otep and Mastadon and Motara, and some of the older Garage bands of the Fifties, Iggy Pop and them, Immortal Technique, Nasir Jones, Sean Carter. To name a few
What equipment do you use?
Standard Mackie Mixing Desk, For digital and Analogue Mix downs would be a dream come true, thankfullt that is now a reality. For now though it's Protools, Soundforge, AKG Condenser Mic, which is provided by the on campus radio station production studio.
Anything else?
Yeah, I want you to realise that this is not going to be your typical musical journey, I'm going to take the rules and throw them around and keep the ones that work for me and if you can bear with me... then hey! Hop on for the ride because then you will be experiencing greatness.
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