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Lil' Fluid
Lil' Fluid
52 Tracks
name Lil' Fluid my style of rapping is more on that Brotha Lynch, Tech N9ne rhymth. so expect alot of dark songs.lol.
Waz up folks dis is Lil Fluid From "Picazzo Ent." & "Mirk Klick" kicking down with some new tracks straight from Central Valley California in Merced, 209... check out my music tell me what you think and while you at it check out these other fresh artist from the Bay: Picazzo, Macknificent, Mr. Kee, Young Droop$, & J-Swift. To the Valley: J Pry$e, Lil' Hit, Gass Ghostly, Flash, Skruffy, Lil' G, Re, and Kandie-Man. all the way to Hawaii: Super Deezy also check me out on Youtube.com search Lil' Fluid yeaa yeaahh thanks everyone for your support..
Band/artist history
Born June 29, 1990 In Merced, California oldest Boy out of 11 children real name Alexander Codie Contreras. Mother Stephanie Contreras Father Mike Ingraham, Siblings: Brothers- Bryan Blaine, Andrew Masengale, Stephen Taptillo, Sisters- Katina Ingraham, Lynette Ingraham, Lawrence Orenelse, Brittney Ingraham, Mike Junior Ingraham. Started Rapping by the age 15 when I was enrolled to Atwater High School, two buddy of mine Elex (TimeTEN) and Robert (Whyte Rabbit) and David (Young Rebel) who gave me the nickname Kraze (Crazy) and help pushed me towards my rap career until we departed when I turn 15. In 2005 I had to move to Merced and went to Merced High School I was on my own rapping for about 3 years after that working with my friends that I met who lived next door to me Reggie Choyce (Gass Ghostly) and Kory Choyce (Young Flash) freestyling in their garage smoking and drinking droppinh tracks until they gave me a new nickname (Lil' Fluid). In 2008 I Graduated from Merced High School but still doing things myself dropping mixtapes getting nowhere until ran into one of my brother Bryan's friend Jorge Rubio (J Pry$e) he show me more of the business side of music and how the industry really worked it open my eyes and mind on how I should come about on my music. 2 year later in 2010 I was sign to Picazzo Ent. and drop my first official Mixtape "The Fluid System" on Oct. 31 2010 which is still available online for FREE DOWNLOAD, but a fallout came between me and Picazzo he didn't wanna work with me for the fact that I wanna to switch my style and he want me to keep doing the same old stuff so I step away and he back off but I still continue making music and dropping more mixtape. I was finally release from his contract in 2013 and currently unsigned with no label. In 2014 I am currently working with another artist Paul Harper (Kandie-Man) and planning on dropping a mixtape together called "Condensation"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No not yet but I have played my songs in public and alot of people liked it and hope to get a copy of my solo or Mixtape c-ds
Your musical influences
Well we listen to tupac, Notorious Big, Eazy - E, Dr. Dre, Eminem, The Game, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanya West, and T.I.... So I suppose have there kind of style of music
What equipment do you use?
im in an official studieo using protools for [solo album or mixtape] and i also got a small studieo using Mixcraft for [demos and experiment]
Anything else?
were still looking for a female singer to be part of this group if your interested hit me up at my myspace www.myspace.com/kraze209 or www.myspace.com/krazereaper209 or alexcontreras209@gmail.com So yeah I would really apperciated it if you would
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