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Shane Strife
Kingman, AZ  USA
November 12, 2007
4,926 plays
Band/artist history
I started my first band, Crazy 8, in 2002. It was originally a comedic acoustic duet with Cameron Leonheart, but when we played one of our songs with our friend Neil on a practice kit, we decided that we wanted to find a drummer. Cameron subsequently decided that he wanted to play bass, and we ended up finding a drummer in Ryan. We began to write punk rock songs instead. In late 2006, I moved to Kingman, AZ, where I met Pierre Napier, who had asked me to play with the metalcore group, Heights Without Safety. I played in the band with Sarah on bass and Natalie on drums. They kicked Natalie out towards the end of the band's lifespan and replaced her with Woodrow. I began to work on my solo project, which in its original form was an techno/industrial project. I released a 10 song CD called 7H3 31337. At this point, Crazy 8 had changed from punk to industrial metal. Heights Without Safety disbanded in 2007, and following this I started another group with Calvin and Eric in Arizona. We decided to create the genre "cavemancore", which combined viking metal with tribal rhythm. This band went on hiatus while Calvin and Eric began attending college. In the mean time, I had become more skilled with recording and playing, and started my first project over the internet. This project was called Electric ZeroBit (which later became Clash90). The project first took shape as I was doing an arrangement of the video game Tyrian's title music. Originally intended as a part of Crazy 8, Axel started insisting we do more video game arrangements. I then asked Cory if he would be willing to do percussion on the project, and he agreed. Cameron from Crazy 8 also agreed to play bass in the project and Axel was assigned to keyboards. Cory left Clash90 to attend college. While without a band in Arizona, I was informed that Cryptic Decay's bass player, John, had moved to California. Jake had asked me if I would fill in on bass for him, and I did until I moved back to Arroyo Grande, CA in June of 2007. Cryptic Decay broke off into a different project after I left. Once I arrived back on Central Coast, Axel, Cameron and I began writing arrangements for Clash90, which was at the time still going by the name Electric ZeroBit. Cameron, Ryan and I were also continuing to work on Crazy 8. My solo project was all but abandoned at this point, as I was doing so much else musically. I befriended Aimee and Robin of 1-800-ZOMBIE, and Crazy 8 had a cover of Unicorn planned. It was never finished. My girlfriend at the time, Molly, and I started a power noise band called KinetocorE. The project disbanded in 2009 when we broke up. In late 2007, my old friend Nick and I had started a hardcore punk band with his friends Elliott and Katelyn. We named the band Bad Taste. Nick originally played bass and Elliott was the vocalist; at some point, however, they decided to trade roles. Katelyn played drums. At this point, Crazy 8 seemed dead. We began to scrap all of our early material and decided it needed a change. One night I was experimenting with a breakcore track and uploaded it on MySpace. Cameron heard the track and wanted to make more. From that point on, Crazy 8 had become the only breakcore group on the Central Coast. Electric ZeroBit also released the Gauntlet EP. With the revival of Crazy 8, I decided to rekindle my solo project. I had decided to do instrumental metal tracks. In early 2008, I was laid off from my job. I tried to stay in the Five Cities area, but ultimately ended up in Barstow, CA with my brother. While in Barstow, multi-instrumentalist Liam Eefting and I had started ESProjekt. It was an experiment on Liam's part to see if I could get more work done with DMND than Mercurius. We finished three songs in one day. He called the band ESProjekt for Eefting/Strife Projekt. During my time in Barstow, Ryan (ex-drummer from Crazy 8) and I also started a Nintendocore band. I had asked Aimee if she would like to sing for the band and she agreed. Ryan decided to play bass. We named the band /b/ Rated Movies. I had recorded a HORSE the band cover to see how working over the internet would go, but Aimee never sent a vocal track. Ryan and I decided to continue the project without her, and changed the name to Bionic Command. I befriended Arthur Freda, lead programmer of the indie game Sonic Robo Blast 2, who asked me to do guitars on the soundtrack. Stemming from this, I also ended up doing the title theme for Death By Pixel. It wasn't used. Ian had also asked me if I would do the soundtrack for his planned Left4Dead mod, Alphanumeric. Near the end of 2008, I had moved back to Kingman, AZ. I worked with chiptunist and good friend, Nykki Murder, to produce her first demo as The Variables. Her first album is still in the works. Cameron and I were still working with Crazy 8 over the internet. We had planned to do a split with Humanure and 1-800-ZOMBIE. We had six tracks for the split with Humanure, and three tracks for the split with 1-800-ZOMBIE (with more planned). Neither of the splits were completed. Mark had a musical block and 1-800-ZOMBIE never wrote any tracks. At the tail-end of 2008, Clash90 produced an EP called Why I'm So Great. In early 2009, Molly and I had relationship problems. Our relationship finally ended within a matter of months, and KinetocorE dissolved. Nick and I had ended Bad Taste, and I had not spoken with Keegan in over a year. Clash90 and ESProjekt became my main focus at this point. Both bands continued to produce more songs, when Liam and I finally finished writing the music for Research. Liam is now working on the vocals. We're still writing the first planned album for Clash90, Tyrian: The Revival. My father, David, and I were asked to play with a band in Vegas. The other band members were in too much conflict with each other, however, and the group crumbled in less than a month. My father and I decided to break off from the group and do our own project, which we titled Staff To Serpents. We are currently in the process of writing for an album. Cameron and I have began writing again for Crazy 8, but only on our off time. I was recently asked by DJ espeed if I would collaborate with him on his indie game, Sonic Tehnotic. We are currently working on it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Very rarely. It's the worst.
Your musical influences
John 5, Jun Senoue, Liam Eefting, Paul Gilbert, Syu.
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic Guitars: Taylor 110. Electric Basses: Fernandes Gravity 6 Deluxe. Electric Guitars: Cort M 200, Ibanez ART100, Ibanez RG170 JB, Ibanez RGIX20FEQM, Ibanez RGIX27FEQM, Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster. Amps: Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, Orange Dark Terror. Cabs: Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 4x12. Mics: Royer R121, Shure SM57, Shure SM58. Pedals: Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808, MXR Carbon Copy.
Anything else?
The music for my solo project will always be freely available. I do not make this music for money, I make this music because I enjoy it. I give it to you in hopes that you will enjoy it too and I appreciate you taking the time to listen. Feel free to burn and distribute, play on your college or internet radio station or whatever you may. Just give credit where credit is due and remember to support your favourite independent artists.
Kingman, AZ  USA
November 12, 2007
4,926 plays