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Bjorn Ognoy
Bjorn Ognoy
2 Tracks
bring the noise!
This is actually not a band. Ill just put up things I record and want people to hear. I can be jams, equipment demos or "real" recordings.
Band/artist history
Started playing guitar at the age of 11. Have played in several bands over the years in many different genres. Punk, powerpop, metal, pop, hardcore, etc. Lately Ive been exploring postrock/shoegaze, hiphop and electronica.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I havent played live in a while, but Ill be playing again soon, with my new band Nami. We live in a crappy town, without any real venues. So I hope well get some gigs in bigger cities. And I love to play live. Thats the reason Im playing music.
Your musical influences
lots of stuff: sonic youth, my bloody valentine, mogwai, the low frequency in stereo, hypertext, motorpsycho, sigur rós, boris, slowdive, john frusciante, jaga jazzist, thurston, timbaland, nin, radiohead, mike patton, slayer, oasis, nirvana
What equipment do you use?
guitars: Vintage Stratocaster Customkraft Ambassador 65 J&D Brother Semi-Hallowbody Pedals: dunlop wah, boss volume, arion tuner, boss ds-1(modded), boss hm-2, ibanez ts-7, egfx tremolo(tremulus lune clone), dano pb&j, line 6 verbzilla, egfx feedbackloop with a artec fuzztown in the loop, behringer phaser, boss rc-2 amp: vox ad50vt other: apple macbook, m-audio axiom 49(midi keyboard/controller), behringer mixer, cello bow, small electric fan, slides