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Death Metal Incorporated
Band/artist history
Maelstrom is a 4 piece progressive death metal band from Chennai, India, bound together by a common love for anything metal. A symphony of aggression, Maelstrom's name is derived from the very chaos of the metal genres like thrash and death, along with classic, melodic heavy metal roots. Maelstroms music is a medley of styles and this conglomeration gives it a truly variable nature, from slow, acoustic intros to drumstick-shattering riffs with melodic symphonies leading to screeching guitars accompanied by lethal drumming and a heavy pounding bassline. The band has had its fair share of ups and downs. Line up changes, irregular musicians, bad shows, sound errors, just about everything that could possibly go wrong. Starting off as a 6 piece female fronted heavy metal band in 2005, Maelstrom has worked its way to its present status of one of Chennais and the South Zones best death metal band with only 2 members of the original line up holding the helm. The line up today is a melting pot of different musical genres, not just metal, and this is truly reflected in the bands own compositions. Maelstrom has always been about performing its original music. Live versions of the bands originals received heavy air play on Soundclick and 3 songs found itself on the Top 100 International Metal Charts of the site. The bands first studio venture Instances Of The World was an instant hit both on the site and created waves in the Indian metal scenario. The lyrical content ranges from topics such as war, and the pain and bloodshed associated with it, to the human mind, the good and the dark side of it, and those who dwell in between. Soulfire, a concept song buried deep in Egyptian mythology, follows the path of the soul as it lives 4 parts within the body and on death, leaves the body to unite with a human headed bird and become the effective spirit.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hell yeah!
Your musical influences
A medley of styles. In a nutshell, Pantera VS Slayer VS Opeth VS Nile VS Al di Meola!!!
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez guitars, Boss effects, Vatzilla custom made 5 string bass and Marshall amplification..
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