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Patrick Bernard Rojas (born March 21, 1990) in Perth, Australia, better known by his stage name Proj (formerly Canox), is an Australian rapper. He is the brother of rapper, producer and entertainment beatboxer Crisis. He records Hip-Hop music in his brother's room studio. His debut album 'Lyrical Dreamz' is scheduled to be released sometime in 2008. He is currently working on a mixtape entitled 'The Problem Child Mixtape'.
Band/artist history
Proj was born to Angelica and Exequiel Rojas which are of South American ethnicity. Exequiel left to prison for 16 months when Proj was a kid and his mother worked day and night shift jobs to care of him, his brother, and his two sisters. Proj has always loved rap music his whole life he has also had a gift for rapping even at the young age of 8. His brother Crisis mentioned that as kids they always use to write raps together and record there tracks on tape players. At the age of 9 he started working on his rapping career using the moniker "Canox", but even back then rap to him was just a hobby. He was inspired by family and friends who were the first fans and the first people that ever beleived in him. One year later, in 2000, he started performing at churches in the 'J' area, and was noted by rapper Kurtis 1Da (formerly Mirikal). Kurtis 1Da later on the year started rapping with Proj in alot of jams around the town. In 2001 Canox then introduced primary school friend Samuel Green to the rap game, which together they started having alot of success. At the age 12 only being in year 7, together they started doing a cappella jams at there school, this gave them a name and a big rep. The mid year of 2002 Canox gathered beatboxers, one being his brother and the other being his cousin, which helped him spit an ill flow along with a sick beat. In the early years of 2003 good friend Samuel Green left the game to start a basketball career and let alone Canox do what he did, now being in year 8, Canox was well known as the first 13 year old kid rapper in his school but things started getting a bit rusty in mid 2003 when people started judging Canox by his thuggish clothes, criminal ways and his mind of a young hustler. Turning onto 14 years of age in 2004 he started recording a few tracks with a headphone/microphone computer set, all together he successfully recorded about 20 - 30 tracks, he made a demo CD under the name Heaven Sent: The Beginning so he could sell on the streets to make up enough money to buy a new microphone. Once again he had great success and was making a couple of dollars everyday. In 2005, Canox met a new teen rapper under the alias Yung Lively, Yung Lively only being 14 years of age, together they formed a rap group by the name of Lyrikal Souljahz. Yung Lively came up in the scene very quick, both recording tracks for the fans of Canox and Yung Lively himself, it was great exposure but they thought they needed to do more than that, so, they started doing performances at partys for a bit money and there names were getting out on the streets very quick. Canox still thought that not many people were taking notice of him, so in mid 2006 he quote "F*ck it, all this hard work for nothing and im gettin nowhere". So from then he turned rap back into a hobby for him, only doing it every now and then, maybe twice a week or less. Back on the streets Canox continued with his criminal/hustling career, getting introuble with the law, and being on a curfew and on bail. In late 2006 Canox felt and knew that something in him was missing, and that was his music, he knew that it was the only way he could ever be able to express himself. At age 17 he started taking rap back into his hands, being much more serious with his music. "I will bring rap to another level for my fans, and if you hate, you know its all love baby" he quote. But now Canox is back and is very passionate about what he does, he quotes "I'm always on the grind, it has been a 24 hour thing practising everyday, so here I am today".
Your musical influences
My emotions, passion and everything going on around me...also...anyone doing there thing, the way they feel right, that got talent. Keep tha movement alive!
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Birth Name: Patrick B. Rojas Also Known As: Yo Boy Pro, Tha Kidd, Problem Child, Young Pro, Mr. Money on My Mind Born: March 21, 1990 (age 17) Origin: Perth, Australia Genre(s): Hip Hop, Rap Years Active: 1999present Label(s): Unsigned