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Dj Dylemma
Dj Dylemma
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Drum&bass,Djdylemma, MooDSwinG
Lets Dance
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Shottie Mouth
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Real name Rob,Sharpe Born 1985 in Bristol, Moved away for a while but ill be home soon enough, Loved music from a young age, Listened to everything from Dnb to live band, I know too many tunes to even start to think about, serious. Went to a comprehensive in Bristol went down the wrong path got sent to a bording school (great fun) no...it was. Moved out when i was 16 done stupid things and taken a while to learn from them, Had alot of house parties, Mix and scratch a fair bit aswell, So yeh thats me a full on music head which has been on both sides of the fence well cultured i'd say and quite a 1 off.lmao, got a hunger for getting my sound out there dont wana die as a number but as a cog in the Machine of evolution, gota make an influence somehow. Only been produceing now for about 11 months or so with no major help, Renderer by day beat junkie by night. All im looking for is someone to school me a bit more...ive got the beats in my head an too many ideas but need help with other things as ive never attended a music course e.t.c. Well into my Audio equipment, build and customise pc's aswell always liked them aswell as mac's. What ive already achieved after how low i was is a great effort...topping it off would be to see a sea of people moving to my beats :) awsome, havnt done it on my own though Big up to Gateway to work and M.O.L.P course for excavateing me from the tomb i was caught in, Thanks to loz for giving me inspiration, to my mates for being there after theyve only known me a minuite compaired to everyone else where i live my mum coz its hard being a single mum with three kids one of which is a bugger it can be hard enough looking after youself in this big world an u did it for 4 of us ;) respect. An My old man, What a diamond. For being proud of me nomatter what! and always making me laugh Amen
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Your musical influences
Ok so there are too many to mention, Like everything dnb since i was in year 7 at school. Gota thank my old baby sitter zoe for getting me into the old helter skelter tapes when i used to sneak down stairs as soon as my mum left.funny, Um. Fullcycle are a major influence more than most to me, Love there material being a fellow bristolian i love the beatz. Gen Dub,Hazard,Hype,Twisted theyve all been top of my playlist for years, But mainly fullcycle. My parents had alot to do with my love for music but indirectly, they used to bang out heavy metal which i flippin hated so id retreat to my bedroom an wahck on a tape i'd blagged off my babysitters mates.haha loved it, full on bassline addict. Dont get me wrong though ive listened to bits of hip hop,grime,garage,trance,house u name it....i just genrally love most music but dnb deffinately does it for me. If i List them then its : Fullcycle,Gen Dub,Hazard,Hype,Twisted,Goldie,SS,Big Bud,LTJ Bukem, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Andy C, Mj Cole, Mark Ruff Rider, Prodigy, Faithless, Shamen, Snap,Altern 8, Sy & unknown, Dougle,Hixxy, all the old skool Happy Hardcore Dj's (yeh i used to listen to it ;) Know i already sed fullcyle but Roni Size independantly aswell old days of his first album i had in cardbord sleeve..awsome! If im listing everything ive listened to in my life like it looks i am already then i might aswell add wht my mum and dad used to listen to aswell that i was into as a young child....Things like A,C,D,C Whitesnake,Guns & roses,Iron maiden,Jimmy Hendrix,Meatloaf an more...used to wear a cut off the lot,haha omg.....ive listened to so so much music all my life been around it loads used to go to a jaz band with my nan and grandad as a v v young child in westbury village in Bristol (on trym) so had alot of influences all my life really...an ever more increasing amounts as it progresses...:)
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