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Ethel's Axewound
Ethel's Axewound
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Stays Crunchy Even in Milk!
Friday the 13th (Shawty Drop That Lollipop
Ethel's Axewound is: Ryan Crone aka "Skeeter McWifbeater": Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums Jacob Homer aka "JayDoze": Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Harmonica, Violin Whitney "Dirty Gerdie" McKnight: Guitar, Bass Jeremy "The Dopefather" Brown: Drums, Vocals The Wound is in the process of making a comeback; so have your credit cards and erections ready, because we're gonna feed you a shit sandwich you won't soon forget!
Band/artist history
Skeeter and JayDoze met in high school. Skeeter was making weird shitty one man band style rock songs while JayDoze was wrecking rhymes on the regular. They decided that they should put their songs on the same cd and under the same name, with the hopes that if one of them made it the other one could ride his coat-tails. Needless to say, it has not happened yet, but the night is young and so is that sexy iCarly bitch. Damn, I'd like to slide all up in that... where was I? Ah, fuck it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've done a couple open mic nights, sang on a few street corners, Skeeter left the band to be a karaoke host for a while: point being wherever we are there's music spewing from our rectums and into the hearts of millions.
Your musical influences
JayDoze is into the S.U.C., Three six, SPM, No limit, Luda, Lil' Jon, Ying Yang twins,ZAPPA, and many others. Skeeter is into The Mars Volta, Ween, Melvins, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, Reverend Horton Heat, Black Sabbath, Bongwater, Portoishead, ZAPPA, And many others.
What equipment do you use?
Our fingers for snapping, our toes for tapping, and our tounges for lapping. acoustica (THE BEST!) MP3 audio mixer. our mics are made by Olympus Brand, (THE BEST!) and my harmonica is a Honer (THE BEST!). First act guitars, DigiTech pedals and a Casio keyboard to name a few.
Anything else?
We are your child. We came out of you. ...And we want back in.
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