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Steel Monkey
Steel Monkey
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Classic rock & blues band from Shropshire
A rock & blues band who, after a fifteen year break, are back on a mission to bring their music to the masses, delivering it with more energy, enthusiasm, and passion than ever before. This is a band so fearless that they go out in a thunderstorm to play with their kite. Under a tree. Wearing suits of armour.
Band/artist history
Ooh..too long to tell you, come see us at www.steel-monkey.com for the full horrific details, if you dare...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, all over the UK, largely doing fund raisers for the sheer enjoyment of it! No particularly special moments, all gigs are special, but our first reunion one after 15 years break was a particularly moist moment...
Your musical influences
So many...all blues, rock, reggae, folk, acoustic, I guess just good tunes regardless of what label you might want to shackle them with
What equipment do you use?
See the website! Too weird, wonderful and eclectic to name! You wouldn't believe what we've accumulated over the years!
Anything else?
Our reputation is for delivering a high energy set every time, having fun on stage and making damn sure the audience does too!